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nishinoshima december 6 2019 ff

New explosive-effusive activity at Nishinoshima volcano, Japan

A new explosive-effusive activity is taking place at the Japanese Nishinoshima volcano in the Izu-Bonin Volcanic Arch. Thermal anomalies were detected by satellites and confirmed by Japanese coastguard overflight on December 6. The explosions are currently located...

December 07, 2019

nishinoshima volcano erupting on june 26 2017

High level of activity at Nishinoshima volcano, Japan

Japan's famous Nishinoshima volcano, which gave birth to a new island at the end of 2013, is erupting again and officials say it is comparable to powerful eruptive episode observed in 2014 and 2015 when the island's surface area expanded at a remarkable...

June 26, 2017

nishinoshima volano eruption april 2017 c asahi

At least 2 new craters formed during new Nishinoshima eruption

After one and a half year of quiescence, Japan's Nishinoshima volcano entered a new eruptive phase on April 20, 2017, and aerial imagery now shows there are at least two new craters spewing large amounts of lava. The latest eruptions at the volcano are...

April 28, 2017

nishinoshima erupting april 20 2017

New eruption at Nishinoshima volcano, Japan

A new eruption has started at Nishinoshima volcano on April 20, 2017, the Japan Meteorological Agency reports. It was characterized by the ejection of white smoke from the vicinity of the crater in the center of the island and a lava flow. The last eruption of this...

April 20, 2017


Nishino-shima has grown more than 11 times in size since eruption started, Japan

An underwater volcanic eruption in the Ogasawara Islands archipelago gave rise to a new Pacific Ocean island in late November 2013.The new island, named Niijima, was about 500 meters from Nishino-shima at the time, another volcanic island that last erupted and expaned i

February 25, 2015


New images of growing Japanese island Nishino-shima

New Japanese island that emerged as a result of underwater volcano eruption on November 21, 2013 and merged with nearby Nishino-shima island on December 25, 2013 continues to grow. According to Japan Coast Guard, and based on observations

March 26, 2014

nishino shima_and_niijima_merged_dec_24_2013

New Japanese island Niijima merged with Nishino-shima

Only a narrow channel of water appeared to separate Japanese islands Nishino-shima and newly created Niijima on satellite images from December 24. The water around the islands was discolored by volcanic minerals and gases, as well as by seafloor

December 25, 2013


Activity on newly emerged Japanese island picks up - Niijima, new images and video

Volcanic activity along the western edge of the Pacific “Ring of Fire” gave rise to a new island in late November 2013. The new island is in the Ogasawara Islands, part of the Volcano Island arc,  about 1 000 kilometers (600 miles) south

December 17, 2013