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sakurajima rains ash on kagoshima may 1 2017

Sakurajima rains ash on Kagoshima city, Japan

Another powerful eruption took place at Japan's Mount Sakurajima at 18:20 UTC on May 1, 2017 (03:20 JST, May 2). The eruption ejected ash up to 4.9 km (16 000 feet) above sea level toward Kagoshima city where it caused significant ash fall. Sakurajima blew its...

May 02, 2017


Strong activity seen at Sakurajima volcano

Strong activity is seen again at Showa crater on Sakurajima volcano. People reporting a few big explosions. For now there is no further information but we bring you a few webcams and earthquake reports from Japan Meteorological Agency. Tokyo Volcanic Ash Advisory

July 22, 2011