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new type of earthquake discovered induced eqs f

New type of earthquake discovered - Hybrid-frequency waveform earthquake (EHW)

A team of researchers from Canada and Germany discovered and documented a new type of earthquake in an injection environment in British Columbia, Canada. The recently discovered seismic events are slower than conventional earthquakes. Their existence supports a...

December 08, 2021

north texas earthquakes old faults

North Texas earthquakes occurring on faults not active for 300 million years

Study by Beatrice Magnani, USGS and other SMU scientists shows recent seismicity in Fort Worth Basin occurred on faults not active for 300 million years. The study indicates reactivation of long-dormant faults as a consequence of waste fluid injection. Recent...

December 01, 2017


Frequency of human-induced earthquakes in Texas on the rise in the last decade

A new historical review published in the Seismological Research Letters shows the human-triggered earthquake activity has been frequent and widespread across Texas, US, since at least 1925. The number of quakes of M3.0 or stronger, mainly induced by the oil and gas...

May 19, 2016


Yes, humans really are causing earthquakes

The central United States is experiencing an unprecedented surge in earthquakes that began in 2009, rising from an average of 21 magnitude 3 and larger quakes to over 650 in 2014 alone. This increased earthquake activity is found in just a few concentrated regions...

February 07, 2016

2011_oklahoma_earthquake_p waves

2011 Oklahoma human induced earthquake may have triggered larger quake - study

In a new study involving researchers at the U.S. Geological Survey, scientists observed that a human-induced magnitude 5.0 earthquake near Prague, Oklahoma in November 2011 may have triggered the larger M 5.7 earthquake less than a day later.  This research

March 13, 2014