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Eco-activists destroy Australia GM wheat crop

Environmental activists broke into an Australian government research farm Thursday and destroyed an experimental crop of genetically-modified wheat protesting against what they said were safety issues.Armed with weed trimmers, three Greenpeace activists scaled a fence a

July 15, 2011


Corporate connections to toxic water pollution in China

Environmental campaigners accused suppliers to major clothing brands including Adidas and Nike of poisoning China's major rivers with hazardous chemicals linked to hormonal problems. Greenpeace said eight samples of wastewater discharge from two factories in the...

July 14, 2011


European Parliament strengthens draft laws to ban GM crops

The European Union Parliament voted to give EU member states the power to restrict or ban genetically modified crops on environmental or health grounds.The draft legislation, which still has to be considered by EU governments, would enable member states to place

July 08, 2011


Greenpeace launched PolluterWatch site

 PolluterWatch is a project of Greenpeace that holds polluters accountable for the work they’re doing to block the transition from the dirty fossil fuels of the past to the clean energy sources of the future.The science is clear: We must take immediate

April 21, 2011