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DeepShake spatiotemporal neural network improves early earthquake warnings

DeepShake, a spatiotemporal neural network trained on more than 36 000 earthquakes, provides a new way of forecasting ground shaking intensity prior to an earthquake, researchers reported at the Seismological Society of America's 2021 Annual Meeting. The...

May 05, 2021

new model could help predict major earthquakes f

New model could help predict major earthquakes

A Nagoya University-led team reveals the mechanisms behind different earthquakes at a plate boundary on the west coast of South America, shedding light on historical seismic events and potentially aiding prediction of the future risk from these natural disasters....

April 27, 2017

US Earthquake Zones_thumb1

US West coast EQ predictions

In today's article named Alarming magnetic field changes signal major quake for West Coast author presents Jim Berkland, former USGS scientist well-known by his accurate earthquake predictions so far. They say his accuracy is about 80%. his greatest claim to

March 19, 2011