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Earth's complex life origins revealed by single event

University of Bristol researcher Patricia Sanchez-Baracaldo has identified the catalyst that allowed the evolution of complex life on Earth. Up to 800 million years ago, oceans had almost no oxygen at all, but it was the work of microorganisms, called phytoplankton,...

December 02, 2015


Significant decline of oceanic phytoplankton detected across the Northern Hemisphere

NASA's scientists have conducted a first study to observe the global, long-term phytoplankton community trend based on a model driven by the satellite data. A significant decline in certain types of phytoplankton has been discovered and the results of this 15 year l

September 25, 2015


NOAA predicts significant harmful algal bloom in western Lake Erie this summer

NOAA and its research partners predict that western Lake Erie will have a significant bloom of cyanobacteria, a toxic blue-green algae, during the 2014 bloom season in late summer. However, the predicted bloom is expected to be smaller than last year’s intense

July 11, 2014


Green algae to continue spread off China's east coastline

A break-out of algae bloom, or "green tide," has spread nearly 20,000 square km in waters off China's east coastline, sources with the country's maritime authorities said Sunday. The North China Sea Marine Forecasting Center of State Oceanic Administration

July 26, 2011