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Water on Mars - Ancient pebbly-rock streambeds found on Red Planet

NASA experts, after detailed analysis, concluded that pebble-containing slabs that have been discovered in 2012 by Mars rover Curiosity, are part of an ancient streambed. These rocks are the first ever discovered on Mars that have streambed gravels. Scientists

June 04, 2013

mars solar conjunction1

Earth-Mars communications affected by a Mars solar conjunction

This month communication between Mars and Earth may be disrupted due to a planetary arrangement called Mars solar conjunction, where Mars will be passing almost directly behind the sun from Earth's perspective. Mars solar conjunction happens once about every 26

April 13, 2013

john klein curiosity drill site

Rock sample analysis indicates ancient Mars could have supported life

Finally, NASA revealed results obtained from analysis of rock sample collected by Curiosity last month and reported ancient Mars could have had environment suitable for microbial life. Gray colored sample drilled out of a sedimentary rock contained some of the key

March 13, 2013

asteroid retrieval spacecraft

NASA considering an 'asteroid return mission'

We have seen wonders of NASA in past; Curiosity rover's rendezvous for instance, was really a thrilling experience not only for NASA; but for science enthusiasts all over the world. Sources say NASA is now considering a plan for an "Asteroid return mission" to drag a

January 05, 2013

Martian dust storm composite

NASA is tracking huge dust storm on Mars

Huge dust storm on Mars has spawned changes in the Martian atmosphere. The Martian dust storm was spotted by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) on November 10, 2012 and has been tracked ever since. Opportunity rover recorded a slight drop in atmospheric

November 25, 2012

comet curiosity1

MSL/Curiosity looks like comet while traveling toward Mars

Astronomers at the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium in Australia took incredible time-lapse video . The sequence shows a plume drifting against the background stars, probably caused by venting from the Centaur rocket stage that sent the Mars Science

November 29, 2011