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barren island november 2 2019 f

New eruptive phase at Barren Island volcano in the Andaman Sea, India

Barren Island has entered a new eruptive phase since October 23, 2019, after a relatively calm period during the summer months with little or no activity. Satellite imagery showed intermittent but frequent thermal signals and small ash plumes, indicating that mild...

November 06, 2019

barren island volcano captured on night vision camera

Barren Island eruption recorded using night vision

Indian Coast Guard has captured Barren Island volcano in action using night vision. The volcano awakened in 1991 after over 150 years and had several eruptive phases since then. The last seems to have started on January 23, 2017. The island is uninhabited, and the...

March 10, 2017

barren island volcano february 2017

Barren Island volcano spews smoke and lava again, India

India's Barren Island volcano is showing signs of increased activity once again, spewing smoke and lava. This volcano awakened in 1991 after over 150 years of sleep. Its last known eruption took place in February 2016. A research team led by Dr. Abhay V....

February 18, 2017

barren island volcano eruption 1991

New eruption at Barren Island volcano, India

Barren Island volcano in the Andaman sea has activated again. A 6 km (20 000 feet) high ash plume drifting 120 nautical miles to the southwest was reported last night by the Darwin VAAC. The Aviation color has been changed to Red. Previously, volcanic activity was...

February 18, 2013