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Axial Seamount eruption of April 2015 confirmed, US

​The April 2015 eruption of the Axial Seamount underwater volcano has been confirmed by the latest research of the University of Washington (UW) OOI Cabled Array group. The eruption was predicted in 2014 and is currently the most accurate eruption forecast of this vol

September 11, 2015

m5 8_off_the_coast_of_oregon

Shallow M5.8 earthquake registered 180 km S of Axial Seamount, off the coast of Oregon

A shallow earthquake registered as M5.8 hit off the coast of Oregon, US at 06:52 UTC on June 1, 2015. USGS is reporting a shallow depth of 10 km (6.2 miles).Epicenter was located about 180 km (113 miles) S of submarine volcano Axial Seamount and 514 km (319 miles) W of

June 01, 2015


Axial Seamount: Undersea volcano eruption off the coast of Oregon, US

An undersea volcano has erupted off the coast of Oregon, spewing forth a layer of lava more than 12 feet (4 meters) thick in some places, and opening up deep vents that belch forth a cloudy stew of hot water and microbes from deep inside the Earth.Scientists uncovered e

August 10, 2011