Wildfires ravage Argentine Patagonia, leaving 250 homes destroyed and 15 people missing


Wildfires are burning through Argentine Patagonia since Tuesday, March 9, 2021, leaving some 250 homes destroyed, dozens injured, and around 15 people missing. As of March 12, the flames have scorched about 2 000 ha (4 900 acres).

The fires may have started in a Las Golondrinas sector and then advanced towards Lago Puelo on Tuesday, March 9, according to officials.

"It's a fire that began within the forest where there are the extreme conditions for it to expand," said Lago Puelo Mayor Augusto Sanchez.

Winds caused the flames to spread rapidly, devastating forests and some 250 houses and also prompting about 350 people to evacuate.

Seven people sustained injuries, one of whom was seriously hurt. Environment Minister Juan Cabandié reported at a press conference that at least 15 people went missing.

Other areas affected by the fires were El Bolsón, El Maitén, Epuyén, Futaleufú, and El Hoyo.

In El Hoyo, rains have put out the fire but embers remain under the ash layer, regional government spokesman Alejandro Otero told the AFP.

As of Friday, the flames have burned around 2 000 ha (4 900 acres) of land.

The national government has deployed two helicopters, three fire hydrant planes, 12 fire engines, support vehicles, and 62 firefighters to combat the blaze, according to President Alberto Fernandez.

Featured image credit: Wado de Pedro


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  1. Well.my mother lives in the epicenter of this dissaster ,they have put a reward on the guilty ones…Its terrible nearly 400 families lost their homes in less the 4 hours….THE PIT OF HELL OPENED,and here you got the result…I live in the neigbourgh country,Chile,under full quarintine .and can not cross the border to be with her!!..How do you think i feel right now???

  2. If you wish to live in a wooded area, on the ocean beach, in a rivers flood plain, near a volcano, on a fault line, in hurricane country or some other place that mother nature can come after you, You will eventually get to know her well.

  3. In this year wildfires will be worse than in the previous year, due to the further weakening of Earth’s magnetic field and the increase of lightning. And, the reason for the increase of lightning is the increase of cosmic rays in the atmosphere of our planet, not because of global warming, as the myth makers want you to believe. I have explained this issue in great detail in my article that was published last year, 2020 with NEXUS Magazine https://nexusmagazine.com/product/the-helical-sun/?v=35b5282113b8

    1. Somebody who kind of gets it!

      And the reason for magnetic field DISTORTIONS is because of microwave radiation from cellular phone masts, satellite internet, satellite TV….

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