Massive sand influx buries 16 villages, southeastern Iran


According to Amin Baqeri, the governor of Rigan, Iran's southeastern province of Kerman, 16 villages in Rigan were buried in sand and became completely deserted amid consistent sandstorms.

"Massive sand influx and consistent sandstorms have led to the complete disappearance of the villages under piles of sand. Agriculture and livestock are totally ruined in this area, and it suffered a loss of nearly $9 million USD (320 billion rials)," Baqeri added.

"80 other villages are also endangered and might become subjected to be deserted too," he warned.

Featured image: Dust storm engulfs Tehran, Iran – 2014.


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  1. For many years, I have been pointing to two basic ignorance’s by which humanity is digging his own grave. One is the ignorance of how nature and climate works. The other is ignorance of God, by which we let religions rule us and lead us into self-destruction in the name of God. Science generated hopes of liberating us from religion and take us to Truth. However, they made nature and life complex and beyond comprehension of common person. It has only ended giving tools to evil minds to exploit nature. It is common sense that earth has parallel world. When one part opens up to sunlight/heat and expands, the other part simultaneously cools and winds to gain new order. This design and earth’s motion and life in it helps the earth sustain its surface temperature within a limit such that life thrives. In short, two basic forces heating and cooling sustain life on earth. Only humans, who thinks he is intelligent is destroying it, virtually digging His own Grave. We are exponentially increasing the heat of the environment. We are intruding into night cycle when earth cools; we are destroying greenery that absorbs heat and CO2 and gives vital oxygen. Consequence is that both heating and cooling process is accelerating bringing destruction. It is nearly two decades since, I have been pin pointing to the danger to which we are leading ourselves. Take my word we are in for huge natural catastrophes. Noble laureate James Lovelock has predicted destruction of nearly 5/6th of the population. Good News is that we can survive and enter Golden Age provided we awaken Truth and Light https://www.scribd.com/doc/270257614/What-is-Happening-to-Earth-Its-climate-and-Biosphere-Are-we-Approaching-Sixth-Mass-Extinction

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