Andreas Otte: Plasma catastrophist geology

Andreas Otte: Plasma catastrophist geology

Due to Illness, the late Michael Steinbacher could not present at the EU2015 conference. Andreas Otte gave the presentation Michael had intended to give.

For several years, Michael Steinbacher has studied the geological formations of the American Southwest in the field. He has compared the standard explanations and alternative explanations with what he sees and has noted correspondences and anomalies.

The context of his study is the physical interpretation of globally occurring themes of ancient legends and art, the observed properties of plasma behavior in laboratory settings, and a plasma-catastrophist theory of the recent geological history of the Earth. Michael's presentation will show excerpts of experiments and photographs of formations that appear similar.

Of special interest will be video of dark-mode bipolar plasma discharge above a non-conducting substrate with dolomite and clay dust sifted down onto it and a channel of flowing water cut into it: a river runs through it. He will present photographs and maps that illustrate the explanatory facility of this model.

Andreas Otte has a Masters degree in Computer Science and specializes in designing and implementing applications based on Oracle technologies for a small IT company in Paderborn, Germany. His interest in chronology, catastrophism, and the Electric Universe started in 2000 after stumbling upon references to the works of Immanuel Velikovsky.

From there it was a small step to discovering the works of David Talbott, Wal Thornhill, Herbert Illig, Gunnar Heinsohn and many others. Meeting Michael Steinbacher at the 2011 NPA conference opened up another field of interest as the question of how the theory of the Electric Universe might change our thinking about earth’s geology came into focus. Andreas will also be giving a presentation at EU2016 on EU Geology.

Our apologies for the 6 minute delay at the 2 minute mark while technical glitches were being worked out. 

Video courtesy The Thunderbolts Project


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