Inside mysterious Siberian sinkholes

Inside mysterious Siberian sinkholes

Giant sinkholes which started appearing in Yamal Peninsula, Russia last year remain a mystery to scientists investigating this phenomena around the world.

Theories about what's causing them are numerous... from UFO's to natural gas which is abundant in this region. Locals, however, are not looking for scientific explanation. They prefer to believe that giant, perfectly round craters, have a 'connection to another world'.

Vasily Bogoyavlensky, head of the geological and geophysical lab working on the site, told RT he believes gas is the unique cause of these phenomena, because the gas, thanks to gravity, tries to come to the surface, searches for fractures and cracks, and goes through to the surface.

An RT documentary has traveled to the region to try and lift the veil behind the mystery:

Video courtesy of RT

Featured image credit: RT.


Kathy 5 years ago

If these holes are natural gas, which they could very well be, why is it happening all around the world?

Gman 6 years ago

Hell is not burning right now so there can't be any screams coming from there...

Mr. Blair M. Phillips 6 years ago

An HAARP site in southern Alaska is purposely altering normal weather patterns and forcing warmer air north to that russian area which inturn is melting frozen methane into a gas and in time the gas must release up and through the soft upper land mass surface. Methane is 30x's worse than Co2. NASA has measured methane spikes in the atmosphere. The big question for me is...why would the USA WANT to accelerate Global Warming by intentionally changing weather patterns?

Grinling Gibbons (@Mr. Blair M. Phillips) 6 years ago

Im afraid im of the same oppinion as Mr Phillips i believe H A A R P is behind all of this & the Kazerian Mafia & Banksters are the ones to blame as pressure is now being placed on them to relinquish there hold over the world of finance & Governments, but i do think that many thousands might die before victory is won but to be able to live on this lovely Planet Without Wars & Peace Is The Norm Will Be A Dream Come True & If What I Have Found Out That There Is No Planet X Or Nibiru Passing By With Tail Of Meteors Pounding The Planet Is Pure Bull S--t It Seems To Frighten Everyone But What Will Be Hitting The Planet In September 2015 Is Forcasted By The Only Unafraid Scientist That A Gigantic Wave Will Hit This Planet & Not A Water Wave But A 4 th Dimensional Wave That Will Bring Love Peace & Prosperity To Earth & Thats Why They Have Built Special 3 Storey trains To Transport People To Those 800 Prison Camps Scattered Across The States & America Is Completely Run On The Nazi Idea,s As 1,000 Germans Were Secretly Transported To America & Have Been In Places Of Power Ever Since, & How Do I Know This Is True Well One Of My Uncle,s Was There As They Were Being Loaded Into The Vessels, Now You Can See Where The Trains & Prison Camps Idea Came From Can,t You All.

kim 6 years ago

I read there was screams coving these sink holes as if people were burning in hell. Is there any truth to that?

Teo Blašković (@kim) 6 years ago

I doubt that :P It's not that deep :)

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