Intense heat wave brings record breaking temperatures to central Asia

Intense heat wave brings record breaking temperatures to central Asia

The hottest June in recorded history was reported on Wednesday, July 1, 2014 in Turkmenistan, as strong heat wave spread across the central Asia. On Tuesday, June 30, the temperature in the capital city Ashgabat reached 47.2 °C (116.96 °F) , setting a record for the hottest June day ever measured.

Turkmenistan's state meteorological service in the capital city Ashgabat said: "June 2015 was the hottest June since 1891 when records began. Daytime temperatures exceeded 40 °C (104 °F) in the shade 16 times".

Many Muslims in the Caspian state, who are fasting in the honor of the holy month of Ramadan, are spending their time closed in air conditioned rooms, taking time off work. The streets of Kyzylorda were completely empty on Wednesday afternoon, when temperatures hit 42°C (107.6 °F) in the shade.

Over 50 people fell victims to the heat wave in Tajikistan, among them three Russian soldiers who drowned in mountain rivers and lakes seeking some refreshment from the boiling conditions on streets.

In Dushanbe, the capital city of Tajikistan, the temperatures are expected to rise above 40°C (104 °F), according to the country's meteorological service. A warning was also issued to take precautions for the mudflows that might form, as a consequence of high levels of glacial melt in the mountainous areas of the country.

Featured image: Central Asia, weather condition on July 2, 2015. Image credit: NASA Aqua/MODIS


Jason 3 years ago

Hey I'm thinking The Watchers web sight is not fair and balanced on it's world wide weather reporting. I've noticed this past month your web sight keeps on pushing heatwaves in this country and that country and a lot of deaths from it. It is sad that all of these people are dying. Why are you not talking about all the record cold out there still! For example Canada More summer snow in Kimmirut.
UK – June nights coldest since records began? As of June 17, June was on course to be the coldest month in 24 years – with the coldest nights since records began 105 years ago
Arctic sea-ice extent as high for this date in a decade! 7-1-15
Keep it balanced heat is in abundance lately, but cold around the world is setting extreme records.

TW (@Jason) 3 years ago

Hey Jason, thank you... I value your comment but I don't think you are being fair. While we might have missed some events we do try to keep it balanced when it comes to global cooling vs global warming. Both are just natural cycles of the planet and there is no escape. I'd appreciate very much if you would sent us news tips next time you notice events that need to be covered.

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