California property values collapse as water shut-offs begin… wealthy community to go dry in days… real estate implosion now inevitable


Water shut-offs have now begun in California, where government-ordered restrictions are starting to leave large communities high and dry. As CBS News is now reporting, the Mountain House community of 15,000 residents will run out of water in just a matter of days.

"The community's sole source of water, the Byron-Bethany Irrigation District, was one of 114 senior water rights holders cut off by a curtailment notice from the state on Friday," reports CBS.

And just like that, the property values of millions of dollars worth of homes belonging to 15,000 residents nosedives toward zero.

After all, what's the value of a home that has no running water? California isn't Africa… yet… so the idea of carrying your own buckets of water for bathing isn't widely accepted.

Get ready for a real estate collapse in Collapsifornia

As Natural News readers know, I saw all this coming. In a May 7th article entitled Why the California water crisis will lead to a housing collapse, municipal bankruptcies and a mass exodus of climate refugees, I wrote:

How many California homes and businesses are headed for a zero-water future? Many millions. How many Californians are aware of all this and already have their homes on the market so they can move somewhere else? A very small number… a tiny fraction of the total number of home and property owners invested there.

What these people are unfortunately not yet seeing is the catastrophic consequences of a continued drought and how it can utterly destroy the value of their property.

In that same article, I also foretold what's going to happen next: plunging property tax revenues, municipal bankruptcies, a wave of climate refugees fleeing California and the collapse of the California economy. Unless rain starts falling out of the sky, all this is going to start unraveling like clockwork. (Count on it.)

"A number of water districts plan to sue the state on the grounds the State Water Resources Control Board has no legal authority to cut off some of California’s oldest and most protected water rights," reports CBS. And so the water wars begin: there's not enough water to go around, and the courtroom serves as the new battleground over a resource that the state of California has squandered for far too long.

The Collapsifornia real estate collapse has already begun

Just as I predicted in May, the collapse of real estate valuations in California is already well under way.

As the Washington Post now reports:

Rancho Santa Fe resident Randy Woods was feeling burdened by his lush landscape and opted to downsize. …The drought has dampened demand for large estates in San ­Diego County.

Woods said his girlfriend is among those struggling to sell. Her home boasts a yard designed by Kate Sessions, a well-known landscape architect and botanist who died in 1940. But now, the rare palm tree specimens, the secret garden and the turret-shaped hedges are a liability rather than a selling point.

Another friend, Woods said, has seen the value of his nine-acre plot plummet from $30 million to $22 million.

Did you read that correctly? A multi-million-dollar estate has lost over 25% of its value virtually overnight due to the issue of water. And this collapse in property prices is for properties that still have running water. What happens when the water supply to a $30 million estate is cut off? The value collapses to almost nothing. Who wants to live in a $30 million mansion and pay seven figures of property tax each year to the same California government that cuts off your water supply? Who wants to live like a third world refugee in a $30 million estate?

Nobody in their right mind, it turns out. Not even in California.

Freak out and get out, or be the last one holding worthless property

As this drought has unfolded, my message to Californians has been consistent and simple: freak out early and you might still be able to sell and leave. But if you delay, you'll be among the last people holding near-worthless property.

This isn't difficult to predict. As the sell-off begins, property valuations will plunge in an accelerated manner. (It has already begun.) The more water gets cut off by the government, the more desperate people will be to sell and leave. The term "motivated seller" will be ratcheted up to "panicked seller" and then finally "fire sale!"

People who buy the properties will soon be able to pick up once-prized real estate for dimes on the dollar. But it's a gamble: If the rainfall comes back, property valuations may recover. And yet, according to nearly all the people who live in California right now, this drought is all caused by man-made global warming. And because I don't see China shutting down its coal-fired power plants anytime soon, there's no end to this drought if the climate change alarmists are correct.

Welcome to Delusionville, where the power of magical belief in Big Government can overcome any drought

California, it seems, is reverting back to a barren desert. Meanwhile, far too many of the people who live in California remain in a state of absolute denial over where this is all headed. Overall, I love California optimism, and many of my best friends live in California. But as anyone who lives in Los Angeles knows all too well, California is also the home of fantasyland dream weavers… people who live in their minds instead of reality. (Oh yeah, and I have a really awesome script I need you to read… it will change the movie industry forever!)

Delusional thinking is also a key trait of California's political leadership. These are people who think money falls out of the sky and water runs uphill. They've recently even decided that California should cover the health care costs of the children of illegal immigrants.

And why not? If you're going to live in Delusionville, you might as well dress it up with all the false hope and delusional wishes on your list: free health care for everyone, unlimited debt spending on entitlement programs, magical waterfalls of free H2O falling out of the clouds, and so on.

I once lived in Arizona, and many of the street names there envision concepts that are total fiction: Waterfall Lane, Great Spring Drive, Surging Rivers Rd. and so on. (Most of the rivers in Southern Arizona are bone dry riverbeds nearly all the time.) Wouldn't it be great if California renamed its own streets and thoroughfares to match its own fantasies? Everything Is Free Hwy and Limitless Entitlements Drive seem especially fitting. Why not open a new swimming area called No Consequences Beach?

I think I'll also take a long, meandering drive down If I Think It, It Must Be Real Highway, where "positive thinking" overpowers negative obstacles to such an amazing degree that you don't even need to wear seatbelts or turn on your headlights.

Desalination is an environmental nightmare

For those who are saying, "There's no water problem in California! It has the entire Pacific Ocean right next door!", you need to look into the catastrophic environmental destruction tied to ocean water desalination.

Not only does desalination use fossil fuels which emit the very same carbon emissions that the California government insists caused the drought in the first place, the desalination process itself pollutes the ocean with high concentration salt brine that kills marine ecosystems and destroys ocean life along the California coastline.

And that's on top of all the Fukushima radiation that's already causing a marine ecosystem collapse in many areas of the coast. Add more salt brine to the mix and you get a state where rich, self-entitled Hollywood celebrities demand their lush, green lawns at the expense of ocean life, climate change and the global ecosystem. If that happens, California will lose all credibility as a "green" state, and its wealthiest residents will be living an ecological lie.

The new green, it turns out, is actually BROWN.

How dare we think ahead!

I fully realize it's entirely evil of me to think ahead and point out what's coming. There is no person more hated in modern society than someone who tells the truth. (Just ask Donald Trump, who's now running for President by abandoning political correctness and stating the obvious.)

But when I see headlines like Rich Californians balk at limits: 'We're not all equal when it comes to water', I can tell you without hesitation that California's water woes have only begun.

If you live in California and don't have your own individual water supply — a private well that still works, large-scale rainwater collection in a rare area that still has rainfall, access to a private year-round stream, etc. — you either wake up to what's coming or you get steamrolled by it.

Think of California as a jumbo jet that has just run out of fuel and is plummeting toward a mountain. You can either grab a parachute and bail out, or you can plug in your headphones and keep watching the in-flight Hollywood entertainment, pretending nothing bad is happening outside your immediate focus.

I know this isn't the good news you wanted to hear. It's much nicer to turn on the local TV and hear how Gov. Jerry Brown is going to brilliantly solve all of California's problems by using the magic of wishful thinking and sleight-of-mind economic trickery. Meanwhile, in the real world, the taps are running dry, employers are fleeing the state's high taxes, the almond orchards have shriveled into dust, the flood of non-citizen immigrants is draining the state's revenues and property valuations are about to fall off a cliff.

Perhaps the California that has been promoted by socialist-minded propagandists can be recreated as a virtual reality destination for Oculus Rift fans, but in the real world, nobody wants to live in third-world conditions and drink their own recycled urine. Not even Ed Begley, Jr., and he's a pretty cool dude who's willing to do almost anything to save the planet.

Hence the coming wave of recently-bankrupt California climate refugees who will flood into neighboring states seeking water, low-cost housing and free entitlements. That's not gonna win friends in neighboring states, trust me. If you're living in California right now, I urge you to strongly consider where things are really headed and start making a realistic list of your options.

Written by Mike Adams (Natural News)

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  2. Here in my area of Colorado, we have had rain nearly everyday for many weeks. The weather has changed back to how it was here in the early 70’s with beautiful rain showers every afternoon into the evening.

    We are getting the rain that was meant for California. It is being redirected above and below California and is sweeping into the mid-west and off to toward the east.

    Believe what you will but, this weather is manufactured by massive Chemtrail spraying and HAARP to destroy California and cripple our national food production, as well as bring-down our economy.

    I worked many years with CBS Nightly News, and I can tell you that the entire mainstream corporate media is completely controlled by the Pentagon on a national level.

    They will not allow you to be told what you ‘need’ to know – only what they ‘want’ you to know.

    Why do you think it is called: ‘programming’ ?

    Here’s a quote from one of Satan’s own globalist demons: “Control oil, and you control nations; control ‘food’ and you control the people.” – Henry Kissinger

    How better to control ‘We The Useless Eaters’, than destroy our food production in California?

    If you are still one of the naive and clueless who actually believe our so-called ‘government’ represents ‘We The Useless Eaters’ read the next quote.

    But first read this: THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INCORPORATED aka USA Inc., a private foreign owned off-shore international criminal banking/military cartel that, has been fraudulently masquerading as our sovereign Constitutional representative governing body since and before 1933, when our nation was covertly bankrupted and manipulated into receivership to the Rothschild/Vatican criminal banking cartel.

    The United States Is A Corporation: US Statue Code Title 28, 3002 (15) (a) (b) (c).
    There it is in their own words people. Try and refute it. United States Statue Code.

    Quote: “We’ll know our dis-information campaign is complete when, everything the American people believe … is false.” – William Casey Dir. CIA

    Quote: ” There is a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office (CEO of USA Inc.) I intend to expose this plot. – Pres. and CEO John F. Kennedy a mere seven days before he was assassinated by the very same criminal power structure that is destroying and enslaving our 50 state sovereign union to this day.

    The global ruling elite parasitic psychopaths realize that in order to create their global totalitarian techno-fuedal world corporate-state, they must first bring the American people to their knees.

    California is to be sacrificed on the alter of Baal.

  3. What are all those religious nuts babbling about gods judgement etc. They are just stupid and have nothing better to do but believe in a none existing being that will punish California. Religion the root of all evil!!!

  4. I totally disagree that mankind has any control over the weather as scripture says that Yahweh controls the weather. Whether you believe that or not, makes little difference. California is the porn capital/state of the world along with movies that are an abomination, ought to start thinking that there is a spiritual connection that is involved here.

    1. Is anyone home?
      The ramifications of the collapse of California’s economy will severely impact an already precarious American hegemony, and thereby, global stability.
      This has nothing to do with your search for “a spiritual connection”, Yahweh or your subjective beliefs. It has everything to do with GREED, corruption by Oligarchs, politicians, the failure of religious institutions and amendments to your Constitution, that allow the psychopaths in charge (that you voted in) to control world affairs.
      It’s OK. You can put your head back in the hole now.

  5. California’s climate, for as long as I can remember, has been compared somewhat to our general climate in Australia – where we endure long drawn out droughts which are broken by flooding rains – hence part of a well known Aussie poems includes – “A land of drought and flooding rains”.
    California’s drought may be lengthy and problematic, but my gut feeling is that this ‘long dry’ (as we call it) will be quenched with flooding rains in the long run – or maybe sooner that expected.

  6. Geo Engineering, Chemtrails, HAARP.

    Not fantasy, Fact. It will not be raining in California for a long time. In fact the Midwest is now getting the moisture intended by mother nature for California. Too bad greedy humans have redirected the flow.

  7. It goes even deeper than most think……The main reason for Benghazi was WATER as it sits on the largest aquifer in North Africa & Qaddafi had the nerve to give it to his people for FREE……The Hd of Nestle has already stated that water is NOT a human right….capische……all the harping about HAARP is that in all likelihood it is being used to PREVENT a deteriorating World environment…rather than the opposite…..california has been seeding clouds and stealing mexican rain for awhile….possibly the lack of rain also ties in with trying to mitigate radiation falling DIRECTLY and making the poison more immediate rather than the slow process taking place right now…..even China’s groundwater is 60% polluted and thats 1 billion people…….all in all it looks like it’s pretty much over coupled with the fantasy press of california’s ‘prosperity’ & the nation’s household ‘wealth’ at 89.4 TRILLION, there seems to be a severe disconnect with reality….The EARTH is changing , it’s Solar System wide, all the Planets including the Sun are going thru massive changes ps think when was the last time you saw the Sun as a warm glowing Orange rather than the blazing white heat it looks like now with distorted solar radiance ?????Get ready ,be prepared….metta bhavana …..

  8. What a bunch of doom & gloom & wishful thinking on the writer’s part.
    After looking at this garbage I have concluded who ever wrote this is attempting to create a panic scenario so he can buy property for a little bit of nothing then sell at a huge profit when the drought ends. I also do not buy into the BS that God is creating the drought as a punishment for all the rotten things bad people do this is the same garbage the televangelist like Hal Lindsay & Irwin Baxter rant on a weekly basis to rip off the weak.

  9. I’m disappointed that the Watchers allowed the publication of the article “California property values collapse…” Although the article starts out with apparently relevant information, it quickly turns into an alarmist tirade with a political agenda. I did some searching online and unfortunately there seems to be little if any evidence of what the author claims. I’m a long-time reader and appreciate the relatively unbiased evidence-based approach usually taken. Just sayin’…

    1. The Giant red woods tell it all, hundred year old droughts, Many Trees been here before Christ, they kept on building and building as the water tables kept going down, irresponsible city planners taking BRIBE monies from major builders, this is a serious crime as the evidence has been building for decades. Geo-engineered weather ? Could of course make it worse but the tree rings say over 100 yrs of hardly any rain every 400-500 yrs. in California. Those red woods tell the real story for they survive on the ocean mist not what rains down.

  10. The drought isn’t caused by global warming. Well, not in its entirety anyway. It is because the PTB are killing California with HAARP. Yep…Mike, your nasty little rant doesn’t say much for you, considering that what effects California will also effect you. These rich people that think they can continue living off the backs of the rest of us have a huge wake up call coming and this is just the beginning. Instead of ranting about how stupid the people in California are, why don’t you start ranting about the big water bottling company like Crystal Geyser and Nestles that have suck the life out of California (and many other places) and STOLE water for their profit??? Or how about the weather weapons (HAARP) being used as they please to move the jet stream and to build a WALL so that the storms don’t land on the West coast? Why not ask Texas what they think is the reason why they are being drowned like rats. Maybe because they refuse to go along with their sick agenda to depopulate the planet so the rest can live big with a few human slaves that survive. Ask your pope, he just gave a planetary announcement that stated that they need to depopulate the Earth of 6 BILLION humans. California and this water issue is just the beginning. I say to you Mike….wake up and start reporting what the real cause of all this is. It is a weak dream of world domination that is doomed to fail.

  11. I do not understand; if you search online you can find a few companies that deal with
    making rain, so why doesn’t California USE these 50-year-old services to make it rain there? We have the technology; we have had it for quite some time now.

      1. See we have a lot of people that are part of the problem…….!
        GREED in despite of being a good steward of the land so all can enjoy the fruits of what this Earth has to offer.
        Good Grief Z-Boy.

  12. I’ve lived in the San Francisco Bay Area most of my life. I am an RN and make, what used to be, good money. Now a six figure income is mandatory to survive here. I am being forced out of my hometown and leaving for Texas in 6 days. As sad as I am, I also feel a sense of peace and protection. Almost as if we’re being led out to a safer place. When we cross over into Arizona next Tuesday, I will make sure I don’t look back so I don’t turn into a pile of salt.

  13. Consider it as God’s judgment on California and America. The politicians should have thought before operating America the way they have. It happen the same way with Pharaoh and it will happen to all.

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