Living with a star

Living with a star

The connection between the Sun and the Earth is a complex one, describing a relationship between us and our star that is both life-sustaining as well as life-threatening. This relationship is colloquially known as space weather. 

Aerospace engineer Ryan McGranaghan takes you into outer space to look at the beauty and power of space weather, what it means for our technologically-dependent lifestyles, and the fascinating field of research surrounding it. 

Ryan envisions a time when we can protect our space-faring lifestyles with forecasts of space weather just like tomorrow's chance of rain here on Earth.

He is a Ph.D. student at the University of Colorado Boulder who uses elements of space physics and aerospace engineering to study the weather in space.


Mark McGranaghan 5 years ago

Great explanation of the relationship between events on the sun and our own planet earth. I come at this issue from the earth side of things as we work on ways to protect the power system from these events. This is a great talk to share with power systems folks to help explain why solar events can be so important. Thanks Ryan. And I couldn't be prouder.

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