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Understanding our Bright Universe


Since the beginning of the 20th century we have witnessed the birth and growth of the biggest and most complicated pseudo physics theories in the history of science. David Harriman says, “A concept detached from reality can be like a runaway train, destroying everything in its path.” This is certainly true of our current physics.

There is no doubt in my mind that the collective intelligence of mankind will be able to get rid of these pseudo physics theories one day, but this will still take a few more decades.

One has to keep in mind that these theories are deeply rooted in our current physics. In fact, every cosmology and astrophysics textbook is based entirely on a very complicated pseudo physics theories and modern physics myths, which makes eliminating them a difficult task.

In addition, so much is at stake economically, politically and socially that the scientific authorities cannot and will not revise physics laws – no matter what. In the current socio-economic system can anyone imagine the scientific community accepting that Newton's laws do not apply to 99.99 % of the Universe?

Can anyone imagine that the scientific community of our time would accept that Einstein's theories of relativity (both special and general) are based on the wrong assumptions and mathematical fallacy?

Or can anyone imagine that the scientific community would reconsider its stand on the Big Bang, which is not only an insult to human dignity and intelligence, but also a contradiction to all cosmological observations?

In reality the exact opposite is happening. Pseudo physics theories are becoming more complicated and more theoretical models are being developed in order to explain the increasing number of observations which contradict the basic assumptions of the false theories that people are trying to prove.

In the last a few decades the western political authorities, in cooperation with their scientific community have established a new branch of fake science that can best be labelled “Hollywoodology”. What does this artificial branch of science want? It wants the taxpayer’s money, to spread political propaganda and to gain social prestige and all this in addition to the destruction of our spiritual values.

Those corrupters and power-seekers who are living in the dark side of life have caused huge damages to human aspirations and the search for the truth. But, we must not surrender to this evil agenda. We can defeat it because we are fighting on the side of truth! I cannot think of a better way to foil their plans, than to show the people of the world that the heart of modern physics – the standard solar model – is a myth! This would be a major defeat for the corrupt and not even their global media could cover it up.

Understanding the physical reality of our star is the first step in understanding our bright universe and at the same time defeating the creators of dark myths and the “big bangers”.

Written by Jamal S. Shrair (www.helical-universe.info)

Budapest, December 18, 2014

Featured image: Dusty Death of a Massive Star. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ UC Berkeley

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  1. It is obvious and evident that today’s science does not recognize that the situation in the universe that has formed us and gave us all the necessary software that we include in the investigation of the true cause of the phenomena around us and within us. Therefore it is necessary, in a completely different way to understand the universe. Science is basically sins when confused entities: the universe and the Cosmos. There must understand the difference, if it wants to establish a true picture of what we want to study. The universe is infinite sphere filled a substance that should be called ether. Over the ether and all variants of matter and various energy, arising out of the ether, the government Absolute consciousness of the universe (ACU), which represents an immense power to create everything in the universe, which has as basis SPIRITUALITY (spiritual entity of the universe -Seu). There ACU government, under whose influence has emerged and another entity, which should be called COSMOS. It is manifested and observational part of the universe, emerged from the ether (the main creator of the ACU), and all the manifested in the form of matter and energy is different. COSMOS is limited, in part created and destroyed, cheeses and replaced by laws that are imposed on him.
    The fact that science hallucinating with some origin of the Big Bang, some “dark” matter and energy, it is nothing but a disguise with which science wants to cover up ignorance and lack of understanding of the universe and ourselves us. These are all a mirage of those who think that the means of matter, such as a PC in their various models and programs, can surpass the laws of nature and the creator of everything in the universe (ACU and God himself). Science has come to a situation that must look for “visa” to enter the spiritual entity. Here’s my advice, that this can be achieved, but through a longer period.
    Attempts should be made to decipher the true causes of many phenomena, in general. When this is achieved, thus our individual consciousness (IC) rises to a higher level, and it is then linking with ACU, using intuition, which represents the fastest way of entering into the field of spiritual entities of the universe (SEU).
    See how many terms, related to the matter and energy, we have, and we do not know anything about their true cause of. These are the very substance and its ancillary features such behavior: magnetism, gravity, electrical charge, heat, light, space, time, though time and space do not own any property of matter, are only granted, as matter needs to be easier to express and show their qualities. How many cats millions of searchers to find the true causes of climate change and as a solution imposed as the main culprit of CO2, through no fault, but the poor guy CO2 means with which to make you stupid masses, to bu of that some politicians and scientists call reap big money. Another example is the ignorance of the basic causes of the spin of the planet and thu

  2. But.. will you not argue, gents, that one phenomena can be described with the help of wery, wery different theory’s ?
    And I do not mean here, that theory became better and better.. as the way from Newton’s mechanics to Einstain relative mechaniks..
    No, I mean, for example, the quantum mechanics and it matrics, Geisenberg form.. or the diagrams of Feinman..

    ..Now we are witnesses of birth of few different theories of CNS and LENR.. the most simple of which and most informative is the theory of Y. L. Ratis.. but W-L theory also have right to exist, why not.. So as about dusen less informative.. but who know what will be of importance tomorrow.. When new phenomenon will be discovered..

    ..Seems, if dolfines have any science – it is far not like the human’s one..

    Even mathematics can be different..

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