Why The World Exists: The origins of existence

Why The World Exists: The origins of existence

From the size of an electron's charge to the cosmological constant, the universe appears to be mysteriously fine-tuned to support life. Can dark matter or infinite parallel universes explain why the world exists, or are such questions fundamentally insoluble?

Templeton Prize-winning cosmologist George Ellis, theoretical physicist Laura Mersini-Houghton and Oxford philosopher David Wallace dispute the origins of existence:


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Jamal Shrair 6 years ago

Great Hollywoodology Show. It is simply unbelievable. There is nothing left. we are in an absolute final crisis. Jamal Shrair www.helical-universe.info

Walter Bradley (@Jamal Shrair) 6 years ago

You understand the status and times we are in. Rare thing.

Patrik 6 years ago

Science is the study of cause and effect. One cause reveals another cause, and so on. There is always a new cause or a new effect to be understood. Will there ever be a "last cause"? Take gravity, for example. They've been studying it for a very long time, and still nobody got a clue as to WHY gravity exist. Life is a moving thing, never in a fixed state. But WHY is life moving all the time? I think we will never know.

afshar badrloo 6 years ago

با سلام.به نظر من اندازه بار الکترون به ثا بت کیهانی وجهان به خواست یگانه یزدان هستی به نظم در آمده مرموز برای حمایت اززندگی است.همانند نقش زیبایی که در تمامی کره زمین از جو ت سطح وهسته مرکزی وجریابات موجود در آن . وآنقدرجهان موازی توضیح شده که ابزاری در تکامل هر چه بیشتر انسانها وآیندگان باشد.

radioredrafts 6 years ago

Just think of the infinite number of universes out there that are NOT fine-tuned to support life. Lucky for us that we're in one that is. ^~ ...of course, now, where else WOULD we be?

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