Earthquake swarm shakes Scotia Sea near South Orkney Islands

Earthquake swarm shakes Scotia Sea near South Orkney Islands

Shallow earthquake swarm is currently ongoing near South Orkney Islands, South Pacific Ocean, approximately 640 km (400 miles) north east of the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. Current earthquake sequence started with M 6.1 at 23:45 UTC on November 13, 2013. It was followed by M 4.4 at 08:10 UTC on November 15th.

At 03:34 UTC today, November 16th, M 6.8 earthquake struck the same area and was followed by M 4.9 at 04:01 UTC, M 4.8 at 04:16M 5.3 at 04:45 UTC, M 5.0 at 08:18, M 5.4 at 08:35 and M 5.2 at 09:35 UTC.

A total of 9 strong earthquakes with depth of about 10 km were registered by 10:20 UTC, at the time of this report. Magnitude and date/time data by USGS.

The swarm is occurring at South Scotia Ridge.

Earthquakes with magnitude 2.5+ in last 7 days. Image credit: USGS

Scotia Sea earthquakes (November 13 - 16, 2013). Image credit: USGS

Seismicity since 1960. Image credit: EMSC

There is no permanent human population nearby. The primary presence on the Orkney Islands is related to two research stations run by Argentina and Great Britain.

Featured image: USGS


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unknown KNOWING known 7 years ago

love your sequence concept. One deficiency: It started BEFORE 23:45 UTC 11 13 2013. Your next report should say it ended AFTER... 333 11 13 33 111 3

unknown KNOWING known 7 years ago

This is a very large EQ as a whole. Once again, many humans (not all) treated the ONE as separate times and spaces. Confusions, chaoses and one-sided measurements followed: 7.4? 6.8? 5.7? 5.4? Depth: 10KM? 24KM? 36KM? 48KM? BOhr-Eistein debate is an ONE-sided contest. The former put the latter to a shame by exposing the paradox: If you want to measure it, you have to stop it; Otherwise, you can't measure it. You can't eat your own shit. The shit has been going on for soooooooooooooooooo long.

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