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Why current climate is anomaly, and ice age climate is normal Earth's climate


The Ice Age isn't coming, because it is already here. According to author and researcher Rolf Witzsche the Ice Age Climate is the normal climate for the Earth and it has been for more than 85% of the last million years. Because glaciation has been the normal state of the climate, the glacial epoch has been named Pleistocene Epoch. Our present, nicely warm period is the anomaly in this epic icy landscape. The entire development of what we call civilization has occurred in this climate anomaly. It's a kind of holiday away from the cold that we've named appropriately, the Holocene Epoch, says Witzche.

We know this, he says, from measuring the contents of the historic layers of ice that have accumulated over long periods on Greenland and Antarctica. The interglacial holiday epochs have occurred at fairly regular intervals.

A New Ice Age stands before us and the transition has already begun. Witzsche explains that the climate of our world is in an accelerating trend of systemic transformation with enormous consequences for the world's agriculture in terms of increasing flooding, drought conditions, untimely frosts, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Even increasing earthquakes are a part of the transition precursors.

Concerning the Maunder minimum – also known as the prolonged sunspot minimum (1645 – 1715) or the Little Ice Age, during which Europe and North America were subjected to bitterly cold winters – Witzsche says it was 30 to 50 times warmer than the normal climate of Pleistocene Ice Age Epoch.

This figure summarizes sunspot number observations. Author: Robert A. Rohde

Current observations of the Sun and small number of sunspots in this and previous solar cycle raised concerns that we really might be on the course for next little ice age. An though modern scientists call it "little" or "mini" ice age, Witzche thinks it might not be as little as they say. The Sun really does appear to be weakening and if next solar cycle shows this weakening trend is continuing there will be even more proof and concerns that the next ice age, be it small or big, is upon us.

The coming New Ice Age presents the severest danger that ever confronted humanity: The potentially rapid transition with the Sun becoming inactive for long periods will disable large portions of the world's agricultural regions almost overnight in possibly 30 to 50 years. Fortunately, meeting the physical challenge is easy. But in order to get there, formidable cultural, scientific, and spiritual challenges need to be met, especially in today's collapsing civilization. The required responses are difficult. Most are seemingly impossible to achieve, though they promise the greatest new Renaissance of all times. – Rolf Witzsche

We know that the next glaciation cycle will happen, though nobody knows when, Witzsche continues. We only know that the consequences will be enormous if we are are not prepared for it when it begins. Throughout our nice warm period we have seen only minor fluctuations. Even the coldest parts of those, like the Little Ice Age in the 1600s that had caused major agricultural losses, are just minor ripples. Throughout the entire history of civilization no one has experienced the typical deep glaciation climate or anything close to it. 

As for the global warming, Witzsche claims it is a deception that hides the reality of the approaching Ice Age, which will come upon us whether we are prepared for it or not.

The following video is a first part of his "Ice Age Precursors" video presentation. It is available for free on his website and on YouTube in 6 parts.

YouTube video

For more information, visit Rolf Witzche website here.


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  1. Well, for sure Al Gore is neither a Christian or a Scientist, the consequence of Al Gore´s lies on climate, were we to continue believing in them, would surely be more lethal and Genocidal than Adolf Hitler could ever even dream of. Probably they already are.

    Interesting is the book of Svensmark on the causal relationship between the passage of the solar system in and out of the spiral arms of the Milky Way, causing fluctuation in the amount of incoming cosmic ray which regulates cloud formation and thus temperature variation on a geological timescale.

    I support Rolfs call for a new Renaissance to meet the challenge and perhaps someone should feet Al Gore to the ice-bears (don´t know if that much fat is healthy for the poor creature though).

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