Intro to space weather vocabulary - video

Intro to space weather vocabulary - video

Heliophysics scientists study energy transformation from one event to the other and which electromagnetic waves create which conditions near Earth. Space weather effects can disrupt satellites in space, so scientists need to understand the system in even more detail. Watch the video bellow, released by NASA’s SDO, to see how events on the sun affect Earth. This intro to space weather covers vocabulary like coronal mass ejection (CME), solar wind, and solar flare. It also outlines potential effects of solar storms on our planet.

Heliophysics research studies how energy and material from the sun affects Earth and the entire solar system. It’s a complex system that begins on the Sun when events on the Sun, such as solar flares or coronal mass ejections, travel out into space. These cause electromagnetic effects that drive space weather close to Earth – from aurora to radio blackouts to changes in the radiation belts surrounding Earth.

Credit: Camilla Corona SDO

Featured image: illustration of a CME about to impact Earth’s magnetosphere (Credit: NASA/GSFC/SDO)


Dr. Who 8 years ago

What causes weather extremes? (short term) & CLIMATE CHANGE (long term)? Jet Stream Changes- the changing patterns of weather particulary the track of Low pressures. What Moves the Jet Stream? Jet Stream changes are Driven by Solar particel/magnetic activity & Lunar modulation. C02 does nothing. The Shifts are LARGELY Predicatable by Solar Lunar Action Technique (SLAT)

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