Earthquake meridian migration August 27 - 30, 2012

Earthquake meridian migration August 27 - 30, 2012

Strong Magnitude 7.3 earthquake from August 27th (Offshore El Salvador) produced a strong kinetic transfer through tectonic plates across the globe into (Western-Indian Ridge) and then into the (Jan Mayen Island Region) today, further migrations are possible in the coming days in either one of these listed locations:

Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pacific-Antarctic Ridge, Southern East Pacific Rise or Virginia/Utah.

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Alison 9 years ago

I think you are showing something rather significant in this clip and I can't help but feel that it needs a little more explanation and clarification. How many lines are there that connect earthquakes? Why would the force travel this way? Edgar Cayce, the famous psychic, predicted that volcanic activity at Vesuvius, or Pelee, would indicate that major earthquakes would occur in California within 3 months. Things in one part of the earth obviously do trigger things in other parts, and this certainly bears watching.

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