Targeting Coronal Hole (CH499) – Volcano / Earthquake Watch Feb 9-13, 2012 (Video)


Targeting Coronal Hole (CH499). With associated solar disturbances and significant Pc3 spikes indicate a strong seismic event in the coming days. After analysis I have isolated (26-30°S Latitude). Solar symmetry to Earth indicates best fit regions for a possible 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake are:

Kermadec Islands Region, La Rioja Argentina, Atacama Chile, San Juan Argentina or the Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Time frame Feb 9-10.

Targeting Coronal Hole (CH500) indicates a strong seismic event for the end of this watch period Feb 11-13. After analysis I have isolated (10-16°N Latitude). Solar symmetry to Earth indicates best fit regions for a possible 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake are:

Nicaragua, Andoman Islands India Region, Samar-Mindoro Philippines, Gulf Of Aden or the Owen Fracture Zone.
*Possible volcanic activation (Bulusan Volcano)

Realtime Ionospheric Anomalies this week are: Fiji, Tonga, Samoa in the Pacific Islands, South West Indonesia and the Ryukyu Islands Japan.

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  1. Plane of the elliptic, alignment of planets, solar cornal , Mayan calendar, 12-21-2012.
    First off: Searching around and about the web I came across a couple sites that explain the Mayan count, and really very interesting. It all boils down to a couple arguing the current date as related to the Mayan calendar. They do agree that the Mayan count, calendar, ended about a hundred years ago, that we are now approximately one hundred years in to the NEW count. So far as I can determine from the argument all the earth shaking and civilization ending events has occured and ended.
    Did you experience or do you remember any big thing happaning…maybe one hundred years ago…or days?
    The event ended about 19 -20 years before I was born, I certainly;therefore did not experience anything.

  2. Still going on: Have detected some panic in responses to reported earthquake – volcanic activities. Lets settle down and try this: Solar Activity reportedly increase on a eleven year cycle. This is interesting , especially to ham radio operators. WE get intelligence from more distant points on the planet. How about we do a comparison with the activities of eleven or so years ago and see how this all shapes up.
    One: we do not want a sudden shift in the geomagnetic poles . Just might create some weird surface events not desirable…this on the basis of scientific explainations of electromagnetic eddy effects. Sudden heating of specific places on the surface of the planet. Intensity not specified. but not desirable. We would think that there would be evidences of this from past changes of pole shift. Some interesting fiction stories written on this theme.
    Comparing the past with the present solar flare activity would lessen the concerns of those interested in this …phemon…spelling excapes me at this time, but we should determine similarities. Me thinks solar flare activities play a smaller part than normal plate tectonics.
    Cyclic movement of the plates are really more of an interest. We recently experience a really interesting earthquake ( in the physical aspect ) in the big quake of north eastern Japan. Post activities might be more reasonably associated with the adjustment of the tectonics around the earths mantel. Reaction to an action.
    If we think carefully about this we would see a normalacy and really expect and accept the current events.
    Back to my coffee and book. vt

  3. Whats this stuff, Hibiau planet, moon tilt. Weird Sounds. Where does one go to get the straight “skinny, scoop, facts” on whats going on. Are people prone to panic? I can not find anything other than: Flares increase pole shift (maybe), earthquakes are up from the monthly average of 3.+ to 4.+ and some 5.
    This week. Interesting to note volcanic “awakening” activities, Oh, and yeah, UFO increasing activity.
    Have been monitoring Flares,earthquakes, and volcanic activity since January 1, 2012, as a proposed for this new year.
    plate tectonic movement, magma movement, earthquake..increase…something to do.

  4. On your website under Tools, I saw a very good program of Solar System Scope.
    Please if someone can provide me a sketch of the projected planet-formation of the ecliptic, which has a line connecting perihel-afelion.Each planet at one time have a position angle measured between the top axis and the axis connecting the centers of the Sun and planets individually. I needed these corners, and I thank in advance for the help.

  5. Mavi Honey-Solo, we got your answer just now. More will be explained on our site soon.. Coronal mass ejection’s relate to fueling an earthquake cycle but not the cause of earthquakes per say, The strong coronal mass ejection (CME) or Halo CME are usually associated with severe weather related phenomena here on earth.(tropical cyclones, tornadoes, sub-tropical storms, extreme weather and a relationship with volcanic eruptions/ increase in magma movements here on earth) Therefore the magma “push” from the deep earthquake fuels the earthquake cycle which then spreads across the globe. (conceptually we can visualize that volcanoes are the arteries and magma is the blood of the earth)

    We usually have a window of 3-4 days where solar activities affect the earth, high solar winds are incoming information’s or energy’s, once solar winds drop to levels before the increase then we know the full information/energy’s have been received by the earth and we are close to an earthquake related event providing the rise in solar winds were caused by a coronal hole. Take a look at for more information.

  6. Mt. Etna is erupting more so than it has since 2001. It will be interesting to see if Etna takes on a new level of intensity due to the increase in solar spikes. The submarine volcano El Hierro in the Canary Islands is close to reaching the surface of the ocean, with increasing harmonic tremors and jacuzzi stain.

  7. Very interesting observation and determine the right path, which may solve many mysteries that science has deciphered so far. I believe that you prove your assertion that it is based on the original parameters that govern our solar system.
    Now to ask you if you are able to send me the following information:
    A position of the planets at a given moment shown in the plane of the ecliptic with the measures of each angled to the axis of aphelion-perihelion. The required angle to the axis, measured from above the line connecting the centers of the Sun and the planets.
    Thanks much in advance.

    1. Thanks Nikola for participating in this discussion, I forwarded your question also.. and the answer: I do not use these models to projects EQ’s and i dont look at the mechanics of the planets in this way that is asked in the second question ….. i am using the planets as cyclical harmonic resonances which are all needed to create this 3D reality we all find ourselves a part of. The question maker should purchase the (starry night program).

      1. Mr. Adonai,
        You have not understood my request. I asked you to give me the position of the planets in relation to the line aphelion perihel.For every planets corner that brings together two lines :perihelion -aphelion and line connecting the centers of the Sun and each planet separately. I believe that you have to, otherwise you would not be able to get real value in your anticipation. If you can do it for me I thank in advance .All this is the projection to the plane of the ecliptic.

    1. the energies that come from the sun in cme’s are the cause of the earths inner turmoil, which in turn leads to earth quakes and volcanic activity, i think 😛 to put it very basic

    2. I think it has something to do with the impact of the solar on earth’s magnetic shield. Every time a CME heads our way and hit us, it buffets earth’s magnetic field and stresses it. The stresses translate to our atmosphere, and finally the crust and mantle. So more earthquakes, theorically.

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