Targeting coronal hole (CH507) – Volcano / Earthquake Watch March 16-20, 2012


Targeting Coronal Hole (CH507) which covers a large region across the solar corona. After analysis i have isolated (3°S – 6°N Latitude) for a potential 8.0 Magnitude Earthquake.
Areas that could be in line for this event are: Nicobar Islands- India Region, Northern Sumatra-Indonesia, Nias Region- Indonesia, Moro Gulf/Mindanao Philippines, Celebes Sea or the Molucca Sea. Time frame March 16-18.

Targeting the southern extension of (CH507), and isolating the 36-41°S latitudes as the most likely area that could receive a 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake during this watch. Time frame March 17-19. Possible areas that could be affected are: North Island New Zealand, Bio-Bio Chile, Los Lagos Chile or the West Chile Rise.

OLR Anomalies this week are: Carlsberg Ridge, Northern Sumatra, Nicobar Islands, Hawaii, Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the Philippines.

Ionospheric anomalies continuing to show high readings (16Mhz) in the following areas: Antofagasta Chile, Samoa, Tonga, Northern Sumatra and the Banda Sea.

Updates and annotations will be added to the youtube video description box.


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