Solar tsunami – massive filament eruption / solar watch Feb 24, 2012 (Video)


A Huge Magnetic Filament has lifted off the solar corona producing a spectacular eruption. This disturbance has an associated solar tsunami (Hyder Flare). Shortly after a significant halo coronal mass ejection (CME) was observed and it appears will have components heading earth’s way as the eruption was in an earth facing position with the majority of the mass heading east of the Earth, however this still may deliver a glancing blow to the earth on Feb 27th.

Solar filament channel eruption and aurora forecast


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    1. Geoeffective mean that it will impact our geomagnetic field. It means that coronal mass ejection carried by solar winds will brush our planet’s magnetic shield. Probably it will be visible in forms of Northern Lights with slightly elevated planetary Kp index – causing unsettled periods and maybe isolated minor geomagnetic storm periods.

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