6.7 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Japan- tsunami warnings issued

Japan has issued a tsunami alert after a magnitude 6.7 earthquake struck in the northeast of the country, rattling the areas hardest hit by the March 11 quake and tsunami disasters. The meteorological agency said on Thursday the latest jolt hit at 6.51am (7.51am AEST) about 50 kilometers off the east coast of Miyako, Iwate prefecture, at a depth of 20 kilometers in the Pacific.

The northeast coast of Japan’s main Honshu island was ravagedby a 9.0 magnitude quake and monster tsunami on March 11, which left more 23,000 people dead or missing.


TheWatchers Adorraeli on Facebook 10 years ago

eliasatya commented on The Watchers: Thanks for your conscious comment, chillymanjaro. I remember someone called Yershua saying, "Slow your rhythm and pace to that of the Universal Heartbeat" One Heart, One Love ♥

TheWatchers Adorraeli on Facebook 10 years ago

chillymanjaro commented on The Watchers: But we are awaken now. It is never to late to wake up and understand. Maybe there is no turning back (not maybe, for sure in fact) but there are periluous times ahead and only if we wake up now we can deal with it, we can breathe with it because it's not about what we are doing to our world or what our world is doing to us - it's what we're in this world going throught... changes not only by our fault but because of universal events ant time beyond time...and, we breathe at this time, whitnessing the change around us - AND IN US! we watch "our world" evolve and transform

Holly Jebb on Facebook 10 years ago

I am watching it all happen along with you - it is beyond comprehension - so "end of the world" - I guess human beings deserve it though...so sad...if only we had been AWAKE - it was such a beautiful, perfect planet...

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