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Geomagnetic storm warning!


A fast-moving stream of solar wind is buffeting Earth’s magnetic field. The combined effect of this stream plus a CME expected to arrive soon has prompted NOAA forecasters to declare a 30% to 35% chance of geomagnetic storms on June 23-24. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras. (SpaceWeather)


Solar wind
speed: 597.7 km/sec
density: 3.1 protons/cm3

Planetary K-index
Now: Kp= 3 quiet
24-hr max: Kp= 4 unsettled

Interplanetary Mag. Field
Btotal6.4 nT
Bz4.2 nT south

An aurora watch is in effect over the next 48 hours because of the possibility of an incoming CME from Tuesdays long duration C7.7 Solar Flare around Sunspot 1236. A high speed solar wind streaming from a Coronal Hole is also expected to add to the chances of geomagnetic storming.

The geomagnetic field is expected to be mostly active with a chance for minor storm periods at mid-latitudes and major storm periods at high latitudes for the next two days (23-24 June). Effects from the high speed stream should prevail early on the 23rd. An additional contribution to activity is expected sometime between 1200-1800Z on the 23rd due to the arrival of the halo CME observed on 21 June. (SolarHam)


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