More earthcracks in Indonesia

Crack sized 400 meters along western slope of Menoreh hill in Purworejo district, Indonesia threatens the residents of Sidorejo village. At least 67 families in three villages are threatened by landslide. The crack started to opening last week after a period of heavy rain . This is the third time that this sort of soil crack appears. The similar events was recorded around 1970's and then late 1990's. (SuaraMerdeka)

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Another crack appears near Semarang in Central Java. The crack appears on new road and on the east side of the road to Gedawang is the abyss with a depth of 30-50 meters. The area around Gedawang is disaster red zone area and in 1990 about 100 million people from district Banyumanik have been moved to a safer location triggered by a big landslide that hit the area in 1985. (Kompas)

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Indonesia sinks by increasing Indo-Australian Plate (NibiruNews)
Semarang-Solo toll road sinkhole (Berita)


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