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mount michael saunders island january 22 2019 f

Eruption at Mount Michael, Saunders Island, Antarctica

A new volcanic ash emission was observed at Michael volcano, Saunders Island, Antarctica on January 22, 2019. Volcanic ash plume moving southeast is identifiable from visible imagery under the partially covered sky, the Buenos Aires VAAC reported 15:49 UTC. Ash...

January 23, 2019

mount michael saunders island january 31 2018 landsat8

Thermal anomaly on Mount Michael, possible strombolian activity

A satellite image captured by NASA/USGS Landsat-8 on January 31, 2018 show a thermal anomaly present in the summit crater of Mount Michael volcano on Saunders Island, South Atlantic Ocean. "The anomaly is clearly an indicator that some elevated activity has...

February 05, 2018

mount michael sounders island gas emission october 15 2017

Gas emission observed over Mount Michael, South Atlantic Ocean

Satellite images acquired October 15, 2017 show what appears to be a gas emission originating from Mount Michael on Saunders Island, South Atlantic Ocean. Prior to August 2015, the most recent eruptive activity detected was in the second half of 2012. Gas emissions...

October 21, 2017