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Subsiding solar activity, small chances for M-class flares

Two new regions rotated into view on the eastern limb and were numbered 1363 and 1364 on Tuesday. Numerous low level C-Class flares have been detected within the past 24 hours around Sunspot 1362 and new Sunspot 1363.Region 1361 in the northern hemisphere is now

November 30, 2011

566986main_Comet_July2011_946 710

Sundiving comet recorded by Lasco C3

Sundiving or Sun-Grazing comet has been found on the Soho Lasco C3 instrument during October 18th. Impact is expected late Oct 19th or early Oct 20th. Here is the video by SolarWatcher recorded from SOHO Lasco C3 instruments:The Sun is pretty quiet for now

October 19, 2011


X1.9 solar flare took place

Sunspot 1302 is back at it again, this time producing an X1.9 Solar Flare at 09:40 UTC. This major event resulted in an R3 level radio blackout as well as producing a 10.7cm Radio Burst (TenFlare). A fast moving type II sweep frequency event is reported also. As this

September 24, 2011


Coronal hole in the sun's atmosphere is spewing solar wind toward Earth

 A yawning dark hole in the sun's atmosphere is spewing solar wind toward Earth. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory photographed the opening during the early hours of Aug. 26th: Solar wind flowing from this coronal hole is expected to arrive on Aug. 28-29,

August 26, 2011