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Laguna del Maule Volcanic Complex, technical alert raised to Yellow, Chile

SERNAGEOMIN has raised the technical alert for Laguna del Maule Volcanic Complex from Green to Yellow on February 22, 2021, after an increased number of earthquakes detected over the past two weeks. The Southern Andes Volcanological Observatory (OVDAS) detected 533...

February 23, 2021

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Alert raised for Laguna del Maule volcano - its last eruption took place some 2 000 years ago, Chile

According to the information provided by OVDAS - SERNAGEOMIN, the technical alert level for the Laguna del Maule Volcanic Complex was raised to Yellow on June 18, 2020. The parameters of the volcano are unstable and above the base threshold, suggesting an eruption...

June 19, 2020