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Rare glimpse: satellites catch the birth of two volcanic islands

The birth of a volcanic island is a potent and beautiful reminder of our dynamic planet’s ability to make new land. Given the destruction we’ve seen following natural events like earthquakes and tsunamis in the past few years, stunning images of two islands

May 28, 2015


Another new island formed during underwater volcano eruption in Red Sea

According to satellite images taken by NASA's Terra MODIS another volcanic island emerged late October 2013 along Zubair Group of islands, Red Sea, as a result of ongoing underwater volcano eruption. The new phase of eruption started on

November 03, 2013


Jebel Zubair underwater eruption continues, Red Sea

Underwater eruption of Jebel Zubair volcano continues with the production of a steam plume of variable size, not always easily identifiable on satellite images. A SO2 plume is also visible on satellite data drifting from the eruption site.  This latest

October 11, 2013


New island is forming in Red Sea near Zubair Islands

A new island is forming in the Red Sea about 60 kilometers (40 miles) from the coast of Yemen, on the northern edge of the Zubair Islands. An undersea eruption began in mid-December 2011. Local fishermen reported an eruption near the island of Saba.

January 10, 2012


Volcanic activity along Zubair Islands in Red Sea

An eruption occurred in the Red Sea in December 2011. According to news reports, fishermen witnessed lava fountains reaching up to 30 meters (90 feet) tall on December 19. The activity in the Red Sea included more than an eruption. By December 23, 2011, what looked

December 28, 2011