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Another major earthquake in Nepal can happen much sooner than anticipated

A new study conducted by an international team of scientists suggests a kink in the regional fault line below Nepal is responsible for the growth of the Himalaya mountains between earthquakes. The scientists have studied the devastating April 2015 Nepal (Gorkha)...

January 13, 2016


Pioneering project uses mobile phone tracking to aid relief support in Nepal

A team of experts from the University of Southampton have pioneered using daily monitoring of mobile phone data to track the movement of displaced population across the areas of Nepal affected by the major April 2015 earthquake. The tracking is designed to help with...

November 12, 2015


Scientists shed a new light on the Gorkha 2015 earthquake: the methods used in predicting the shaking and resulting damage could be used for earthquakes elsewhere

Caltech team, in collaboration with the Department of Mines and Geology of Nepal studied the Himalayas mountain for over 20 years, to learn about mountain-building and earthquake triggering processes. For the purpose of monitoring the rhythm of Earth's crust, the re

August 09, 2015


EGU briefing: Continued risks of natural disasters in Nepal

The European Geosciences Union (EGU), through its Seismology and Natural Hazards Divisions, has issued an information briefing about the recent Nepal earthquakes today. The text, written for the broad geoscience community, summarises the earthquake processes,

June 09, 2015

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Another massive earthquake hits Nepal - M7.5

A very strong earthquake/aftershock measured as M7.5 at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles) by China Earthquake Networks Center (CENC) hit Nepal at 07:05 UTC on May 12, 2015. USGS is reporting it as M7.3 at a depth of 15 km (9.3 miles.). EMSC is reporting it as M7.3 at a depth

May 12, 2015


Drone video of life and damage after Gorkha Earthquake, Nepal

This video shows life and devastation in Nepal 24 - 48 hours after devastatnig earthquake on April 25, 2015. It was produced by Paul Borrud using videos captured by his drone, Phyllis.Borrud flew his drone over each of the villages he visited to deliver food, supplies,

May 09, 2015


Landslide in Langtang Valley, Nepal

The small village of Langtang, which was located along a popular trekking route near the base of Mount Langtang, was completely buried by ice and rocks shaken loose by devastating earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25, 2015. At least 200 people died in this disaster.

May 05, 2015


Satellite imagery shows Nepal earthquake displacement

A devastating earthquake hit Nepal on April 25, 2015 claiming over 5 500 lives and affecting millions of people. China Earthquake Networks Center, the closest advanced seismic network, recorded it as M8.1 at a shallow depth of 20 km while USGS recorded it as M7.8 at a d

April 30, 2015

m8 1_7 8_usgs_map_with_aftershocks_ap282015

Massive M8.1 earthquake hits Nepal, over 8 000 fatalities - Report and updates

A very strong and shallow earthquake registered as M8.1 (CENC) hit Nepal at 06:11 UTC on April 25, 2015. CENC (China) is reporting depth of 20 km (12.4 miles). USGS is reporting M7.8 at a depth of 15.0 km (9.3 miles).According to the USGS, epicenter was located about 35

April 25, 2015