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Astronomers discover new type of space explosion with characteristics of supernova and gamma-ray burst

Astronomers have detected a new type of cosmic explosion that has the characteristics of a supernova and a gamma-ray burst-- two of the most powerful outbursts in the universe. In 2018, astronomers spotted a cosmic blast that has a strange behavior-- dubbed the...

May 31, 2020


The largest structure of the observable universe found - a ring of galaxies five million light years across

A Hungarian-US team of astronomers have found what may be the largest structure in the observable universe, a circular ring of nine gamma ray bursts and hence nine galaxies that stretches five billion light years across.Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are the most luminous

August 10, 2015


Still chasing the ghost of dark matter

Scientists using the Fermi Large Area Telescope have come up empty handed in their quest to prove their theories about dark matter.Tom Wilson explores why institutional science remains determined in its pursuit to prove dark matter's existence.Video courtesy of The

November 08, 2014

Gamma Ray Burst_GRB_image_credit_NASA_ _Swift_ _Cruz_deWilde

New research suggests "fast radio bursts" come from solar flares of nearby stars

"Fast radio bursts" (FRBs) are a new type of cosmological transients first discovered in 2007 and their physical nature is still not known. These cosmic chirps last for only a thousandth of a second and the characteristics of the radio

December 13, 2013

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Gamma ray burst stuns astronomers - Space News from Electric Universe

The most intense electromagnetic event known to occur in the heavens is the gamma-ray burst. For many years, scientists have claimed that most gamma ray burst occur when stars run out of nuclear fuel then collapse to form a black hole, neutron star or quark star.

December 05, 2013


Colliding neutron stars source of all the gold in universe

Contrary to what most people think, it appears that gold did not form inside our planet eons ago. The reason for this conclusion is simple. Gold is heavy, and have it formed before Earth's crust solidified it would have sunk through the liquid

July 21, 2013