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calbuco eruption expanded ozone hole to record size study

Calbuco's eruption expanded ozone hole to record size

A new study argues that eruption of the Chilean volcano Calbuco on April 22, 2015 stretched the Antarctic Ozone Hole, the thinnest portion of the ozone shell that shields Earth from harmful radiation, to a record size nearly as large as Africa. It did so by ejecting...

March 15, 2017


Increased activity observed at Calbuco volcano, alert level raised to Yellow, Chile

During the last three days, there has been an increase in seismic activity at Chile's Calbuco volcano. A total of 161 volcano-tectonic (VT) earthquakes was recorded at distances between 1 to 4 km (0.62 to 2.5 miles) NW of the crater and between 8 and 10 km (5...

June 23, 2016


Another strong explosive eruption of Calbuco volcano, Chile

After last week's major eruption of Chile's Calbuco volcano and a gradual decrease in activity, another strong eruption occured around 16:10 UTC today. This is a third eruption of this volcano since it came back to life on April 22, 2015, after 43 years of

April 30, 2015


Tracking the SO2 emission from Calbuco eruption

Ash and pumice particles were lofted high into the atmosphere after an explosive eruption of Chile's Calbuco volcano on April 22, 2015 and the debris has been darkening skies and burying parts of Chile, Argentina, and South America for nearly a week. Along with 210

April 29, 2015


Aerial footage of Chile's Calbuco volcano spewing ash

After 43 years of sleep, Chile's Calbuco volcano experienced a major eruption on April 22, 2015 ejecting ash plume up to 12.1 km. A 20 kilometer exclusion zone was established around the volcano and over 4 000 people within this exclusion zone were evacuated during

April 27, 2015


Massive eruption of Calbuco volcano after nearly 50 years of sleep, Chile

A major explosive eruption started at Chile's Calbuco volcano at 21:05 UTC on April 22, 2015 (18:05 local time). By 22:08 UTC, ash plume rose up to 12.1 km (40 000 feet), Buenos Aires VAAC reported. Aviation Color Code was raised to Red. The last eruption of this vo

April 23, 2015