Another strong explosive eruption of Calbuco volcano, Chile

Another strong explosive eruption of Calbuco volcano, Chile

After last week's major eruption of Chile's Calbuco volcano and a gradual decrease in activity, another strong eruption occured around 16:10 UTC today. This is a third eruption of this volcano since it came back to life on April 22, 2015, after 43 years of sleep.

VAAC Buenos Aires estimated the height of today's plume at an altitude of 5 km. Aviation Color Code remains at Red.

SERNAGEOMIN reports the eruption produced new lahars on the slopes of Calbuco.

Geologic summary

Along with its neighbor Osorno, Calbuco is one of the most active volcanoes of the southern Chilean Andes. The isolated late-Pleistocene to Holocene andesitic volcano rises to 2003 m south of Lake Llanquihué in the Chilean lake district. Guanahuca, Guenauca, Huanauca, and Huanaque, all listed as synonyms of Calbuco (Catalog of Active Volcanoes of the World), are actually synonyms of nearby Osorno volcano (Moreno 1985, pers. comm.).

The 2003-m-high Calbuco is elongated in a SW-NE direction and is capped by a 400-500 m wide summit crater. The complex evolution of Calbuco included edifice collapse of an intermediate edifice during the late Pleistocene that produced a 3 cu km debris avalanche that reached the lake. Calbuco has erupted frequently during the Holocene, and one of the largest historical eruptions in southern Chile took place from Calbuco in 1893-1894 and concluded with lava dome emplacement. Subsequent eruptions have enlarged the lava-dome complex in the summit crater. (GVP)

Featured image: Calbuco volcano on April 28, 2015. Credit: SERNAGEOMIN


B. Lorraine Logan 5 years ago

What is the volcanic eruption rating? I have not been able to find it.

kushal kumar 5 years ago

It seems the following astrological prediction of this writer indicating volcano eruption inferring to Chile and now elsewhere in Hawaii Kilauea Volcano during mid March covering April 2015, published in - Planetary placement and world affairs - in February 2015 issue of Sedona Journal of Emergence from Arizona, US, may not have reached many quarters for taking precautionary measures : -

" The suggestion is that in the second half of March spilling over to April 2015 , some countries or regions , possibly in southern hemisphere , may witness anxious times involving health, economy, ruling class , food , and the like. Certain events relating to maritime , or sea or energy resources generated in the sea, may be in the spot. Volcanic eruptions could also call for precautionary measures at vulnerable regions".

Readers may like to note predictions made well in advance followed by actual happening on ground.

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