The top 6 climate change problems

The top 6 climate change problems

In this video presentation, Ben Davidson of the SuspiciousObservers presents and explains 6 climate change problems.

From (un)expected climate change and the difficulty to trust in what we hear to the shifting of the entire Solar System and more. 

Citations for this video are listed here.

Video credit: SuspiciousObservers


mark mulligan 3 years ago

Per scientific principles, educate yourself and make up your own mind -- not the other way around.

Notice of my own bias: Climategate? REALLY?

Scottar 3 years ago

The coolaide drinkers won't like it as it comes from real scientists not the gravy train riders who are trapped on a political driven train till they can reach their career retirement stations and are finally free from the draconian train owners where they can finally speak their minds.

But some never got on board. Just look up some of the increasing dissenters from the climate oligarchy who are free to talk the truth of the global warming scam. This video is just another presentation of that dissent of those that dare speak the truth against the political fear monger empire.

This video is just further evidence that the consensus has been largely fabricated.

donb 3 years ago

Excellent! A good review of the current state of the climate. It has appeared that climate models being presented as climate fact have been way off course. There are those who have believed that the whole climate scare is no more than a socialist plot to crush capitalism and replace it with a one world socialist government but then this has appeared which only adds credence to their belief!

Dano2 3 years ago

This guy in this video is dishonestly parroting disinformation sites.

Too much of this on this site!



Paul Sugas 3 years ago

I'm kind of surprised that this video made it on to this site. It is definitely not driven by scientific fact and is more along the lines of propaganda driven by special interest groups. Lets just bury our heads in the sand and then we won't be able to tell who is correct on this issue of climate change. The clue that confirmed to me that this is propaganda was because The Weather Channel founder's remarks were given weight. I've heard that man's views before and I am aware of where his loyalties lay. Climate and weather are different studies altogether.

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