Revolutions of Knowledge: The future of physics

Revolutions of Knowledge: The future of physics

New from IAI: Newton founded the sciences with physics: the application of mathematics to the world. But just as some scientists claim that a theory of everything is at hand, might our current models be radically flawed? Do we need a new paradigm to make sense of the universe, or are our current models as good as it gets?


The Panel

Oxford physicist and philosopher Simon Saunders and holistic physicist and Bohm collaborator F. David Peat and philosopher of science Michela Massimi envisage the future of science.

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Brian Steere 6 years ago

1.Existence Is - its only quality is to Be. 2. The One is in All and the All are the One. 3. What you give out is what you get back 4. Everything changes excepting the above three immutables. Change changing, creates the unchanging three laws. This from There is infinitely more to Consciousness than what we think we think - but at the same time what we experience is more what we think than we think!

Lulu 6 years ago

There are several teachings and current sets of knowledge which are flawed in their accuracy regarding the sciences taught to our children in school now and in the past. Whether those sciences pertain to the studies of man, the universe and our planet, there are theories which can and are being modified or could be disregarded, or should be modified or disregarded. Thinking outside the square is the 'mother' of learning. Instinct and intuition is the 'mother' of the soul. Seeking and accumulating an eclectic mix of possibilities and ideas is the 'mother' of intelligent hypothesizing. There is nothing in our universe for us to invent and lay claim to - the creation and existence of the truth is already there - we just have to see, seek and acknowledge such - something which is greater than ourselves. The 'old ways', I have always felt, is just missing the truth in so many aspects of 'what is'.

Jamal Shrair 6 years ago

My upcoming paper about the so-called black hole-that will be published on this site- explains and shows beyond the shadow of a doubt that our current models are radically flawed. The main reason is the misunderstanding of gravity.I am proposing new mathematical description of gravity in this paper.

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