The Infinite Puzzle: Does infinity exist?


The universe is infinite, or so we believe. But might it be a mistake to apply the mathematical concept of infinity to the universe? Would it be more helpful to see infinity as an ineffable notion, or should we accept that mathematics rules?



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Inflationary cosmologist Laura Mersini-Houghton from Carolina joins theoretical physicist Julian Barbour and award-winning mathematician Peter Cameron to make sense of the infinite.

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    1. Each apparent finitude is an expression of Infinity.
      There is no part that does not contain the whole.
      Infinity is edgeless, and neither big or small, being dimensionless it contains all dimensions within it.
      Infinite is impossible to conceive. All that exists or has any existence at any level, in any way at any degree is conceived within it.
      Infinite is without place (non local) and so includes all place.
      Infinite space or infinite time is an oxymoron meaning infinite finite, for the identity within the experience of finitude is AS IF the Infinite CAN be limited while remaining active within defined terms and relations as the counterpoint symbol of the limitless. This apparently limitless OUTSIDE – supports the concept of limited self, thing or force or event.
      Infinite Consciousness is Power over nothing because there is nothing outside it. Everything is 'created' new within it. There is no limit to the Creativity of the definition and focus whereby The One knows itself in Infinite manifestation – apart from those chosen to create experience of forgetting and limitation.
      Our human sense of frailty and powerlessness in the contexts of vast forces that render us insignificant EXCEPTING to ourselves within the domain of our apparent capacities of consciousness – is both our forgetting device and our guarantee of remembering. For that which is Conscious never is trapped or contained in the personality construct, and remains directly one with its Source – or it would not have or know existence.
      The pause or suspension of the assertion of the mentality of the personality construct resumes communication that is otherwise rendered unconscious to the split off sense of self in its desired experience.
      To the exclusive identity, Infinity is fearfully sensed as absolute loss of self or indeed an infinite exposure to conflicted self.
      But this is simply the reflection of a belief in a 'stolen self' and the guilt that arises in the belief one has actually succeeded.
      Note that such reflections become device for further exploration of separated experience and its attempt to become real in its own power – as if Infinite Power is not All in All.
      Does Infinity exist?
      Does existence itself exist? Yes, THAT anything is or seems to be is tangibly evident. But WHAT it is becomes the movement of differentiation and definition within itself. For it cannot separate itself to know itself, but only recognize itself reflected infinitely in all.
      The movement of focus within that identifies with the idea of an unfolding experience in time and place is an expression of Idea.
      All the seeming power of the physicality of our human experience testifies to the Infinite – but through the lens of the mind template. In this sense we are ones who knows not what they do – because what we invest in as our knowing, costs us awareness and recognition of our Source and Self – which is far beyond evaluation.

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