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Solar storms and mass animal deaths – the connection


Birds, fish, and sea life across the world have been dying in huge numbers over the last 2 years. Over 100,000 drum fish washed ashore in Arkansas; other sea life also are littering our shores; thousands of birds have fallen from the skies all over the world. Why? Arguably, increased solar activity coupled with a hole in the earth’s magnetosphere could be the cause. Current scientific knowledge informs us that birds and fish use the earth’s magnetic field during migrations.

The magnetosphere is the area around a planet in which that planet’s magnetic force is the dominant pressure. Earth is protected from the majority of solar radiation and storms by its magnetosphere, but not entirely.

In 2008 NASA detected a massive breach in the magnetosphere, allowing solar winds to penetrate and cause enormous geomagnetic storms. It is known that solar storms bombard our planet with highly charged particles that can affect the pineal gland in humans. The British Medical Journal has published findings that support the proposition that damage to the gland can cause humans to have a diminished sense of direction. Comparing the pineal gland in humans to that of the same gland in birds raised an interesting question. In humans the gland weighs 2.0 grams and equates to less than 1% of the brain’s total weight, whereas the pigeons pineal gland weighed 1.5 grams, 10% of the weight of their brain. While the pineal gland gives us our general sense of direction as iron rich blood flows through and drawn towards the magnetic north, the increased size in the pigeons likely indicate a greater sensitivity to the magnetosphere.

Migratory animals across the planet make use of magnetoaxis — the ability to detect the magnetosphere. Recently it was discovered that birds can see the magnetic field through photoreceptors in their eyes. This allows them to orient themselves during migratory flights. A massive breach in the magnetosphere detected by NASA in 2008 permitted solar winds to generate enormous geomagnetic storms. Geomagnetic disturbances caused by the sun’s increased activity are likely impacting birds and fish.

Science Daily recently reported that creatures such as crabs, sharks, salmon, starfish and dolphins also possibly use the magnetic field for a second purpose beyond migration — to detect prey. “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal found that tiny iron-rich cells called magnetite embedded in the nasal passages of rainbow trout were 100 times more powerful than previously thought, and essentially acted as tiny compass needles inside the animal’s sensory system.”

The recent death of more than 40,000 crabs, starfish, lobsters, and anemones in England highlights the biological effects of a disturbed magnetosphere. The fact that migratory creatures across the world rely on the magnetosphere as a map is indisputable. As we approach maximum solar wind activity, many more opportunities will be presented to study the effects that the changing magnetosphere may be having on our biology as well as that of other creatures on our planet.

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  1. You mentioned that “In 2008 NASA detected a massive breach in the magnetosphere, allowing solar winds to penetrate and cause enormous geomagnetic storms”.

    This makes it sound like a fresh breach, whereas it is a breach that as there all along and only just discovered – big difference, the difference between making sense of recent animal deaths and not. I suspect the reports are just due to the media picking up on something that has always occurred but no attention was paid to it.

  2. ~ Hmmmm… solarwindspirit- I do believe words are missing in your message as I cannot make any sense of the words? Other than The 1st and last sentences… Not sure what I am reading…??
    BTW- Natural disasters are a biggie here…?!! Can’t say All these species of animals met up with natural disasters but seems to me to be a rather “Fishy Tale”, in attempt to prevent world wide panic..?! This is how we are parented people..?! Remember? Sure is COINCIDENTAL that Japan’s Earthquake put out massive amount of Radiation into the air we breathe and oceans we eat from and swim in…?! Not to mention Any other Hazardous Chemicals that got wiped out to sea… I mean really now… If material items are being found here in Alaska from that quake years later… Why wouldn’t chemicals reach around the world killing off certain species possibly ones not yet immune to worldly hazards..!! People a sicker than ever before in history, showing similar signs yet living worlds apart…. Food digestion seems to be a common illness…AKA Stomache Problems… Hmmmmm??!!! In my opinion that’s what is killing of animal species and also working on Humans as well..?!! Solely My Opinion based on my experiences in this life…!!! The use of too many chemicals is killing us softly… with his song, at that!! And this does not even scrape the surface of the chemicals we put into our bodies via FDA standards and available foods…!! Food for thought?!

    1. @ Joseph . . .

      What blog might that be?

      We go about our daily lives as though nothing can happen to us, the arrogance of invincibility, ignorance is bliss et al.

      I do believe that we are here to convince others that we live in peril times and should act accordingly, a warning signal if you will.

      Connecting the dots from the best of many fields with the ability to illustrate cogent thoughts of common sense will aid those at better understanding global plight. Continue sharing your knowledge to the best of your ability.

  3. Okay, I’ll bite.

    If a “massive breach” was discovered (as this article states) in our atmosphere 2008, would we not have experienced massive bird deaths as a whole and on a greater scale? Being stated that way lends credence that the magnetosphere can “pick and choose” (when it is a necessary constant/force in our lives/planet) what group of migratory birds or aquatic life will die next. Your guess is as good as mine.

    The article did mention “highly charged” particles meaning electrical to me which would make more sense personally. I postulate a combination of events took place to disrupt the flow of energy (electric) to aquatic and mammalian life that are at greater risk and more sensitive to force field(s) (electrical currents and magnetosphere) around us.

    I see this example no different then turning on/off a light switch, meaning, there is current or electrical impulses present or there is not, and life ceases to exist without these currents/energy. Electrical current projects that create life in minutes are conducted daily in high school labs.

    Imagine this, human beings electrical impulses disrupted or turned off due to the lack of energy or forces produced all around us, we too would fall to the ground on a greater scale unimaginable. To witness that and not understand what is taking place would be horrifying.

    1. Fantastic article, what bothers me is why are we restricted from being able to watch our sun unless you go out and spend a fortune on your own equipment, which in reality is not worth considering when compared to the information that is gathered by say, SOHO or any of the earth bound telescopes. I’m sure the internet was created to push knowledge forward and make it free for those whom are interested to access, not to cover it up and keep us in the dark. Thank you for this and the rest of the info you give, just hope more people read it and understand it before we all get too dumbed down. Bless you all god be with you always 🙂

    2. sorry but isn’t the earth and the suns magnetic/ electrical ( you can’t have one without the other, two sides to the same coin) constantly fluxing, reports of a hole does not mean we have a massive hole there because by know it will of long closed up or moved, but the fact that the magnetosphere has weakened enough to show a hole mean that the field has a whole as weakened enough to let significant amounts of energy from solar flares and CME’s to enter our planets delicate atmosphere. I don’t think the (MS) breach was at the same time as the mass death’s but the solar flares of the new year were. Could be chemicals could be radiation man made or from the sun, do your own research and figure it out your self. But at least this article is somewhere near the right direction. Thank you, god bless. 😉

      1. This is a copy and paste from an earlier post because I’m too lazy to rewrite everything. Beside I strongly agree that organizations should post examples/videos on the dynamics/mechanics on the inner workings of our planet to support their claims. For one without the other can be difficult to visualize.

        Most of what is discussed here has been fulfilled in high school labs, but for whatever reasons we need refresher courses to remind us of the mechanics.

        Read on . . .

        I believe it is several anomalies taken place to create “global warming” affecting our polar caps, man being at the bottom of that list. To assess one anomaly leaves little room for other theories. I do agree that the caps are melting at alarming rates, but why?

        Personally, the article fails to cover what is truly happening to our planet for it only provides a piece of the puzzle.

        Magnetism as we enter the galactic bar of our galaxy causes our planet to work overtime and over compensate for the jet stream, bizarre weather patterns, plate tectonics, volcanism, electrical impulses and a host of other anomalies taking place with planet Earth.

        Let’s address magnetic fields and the role it plays in our lives and the healthiness of our planet by starting with an experiment that requires a magnet and a handheld compass.

        Now, we have all experimented with magnets as children and discovered two magnets of the same polarity +/+ harmoniously work together, take the same two magnets and flip one (+/-) and they repel one another . . . push/pull if you will. This example represents our Earth, Sun and galactic bar in our galaxy.

        Now, gather your compass (represents Earth or core) and the magnet (galactic bar) and make sure your compass is not near a computer or electronics that will throw the compass off. Bring the magnet close to the compass and turn the magnet at about 20˚ and watch the compass break at the 40˚- 45˚ mark every time. What does this mean?

        Essentially you have created a mini magnetic reversal with this experiment. Now, let’s look at the big picture of a magnetic reversal on Earth, Sun and the Galactic Bar.

        Our Sun is being degaussed or loosing its magnetic field to (as it passes by) a bigger magnetic source, that being, the galactic bar in our galaxy, think about the experiment you performed with the compass and magnet, same concept. As the Sun degausses or its wandering poles, so do the poles on planet Earth and as it stands the magnetic poles are wandering towards Siberia at an alarming rate each month/year.

        This is one of the many reasons why we are being troubled with bizarre weather patterns, melting polar caps, extreme EQs, volcanism, magnetic field(s) disruptions affecting marine/mammal animals et al.

        Now, let’s look at 40˚- 45˚ experiment on the compass and compare it to the wandering poles on our planet (think Siberia and magnetic pole reversal) and where we are heading in the future.

        Magnetic pole reversals have happened on planet Earth and when they have, they’ve been devastating and happen rapidly (think about the experiment with the compass and magnet you performed) causing crustal displacement, extreme weather changes, ocean displacement.

        We are currently in a magnetic reversal and to what degree˚ I don’t know, we just need to remove the blinds and see the bigger picture.

  4. I think the cause is pollution some deliberate so your effect meets a cause. . .alits all about a plan which. of course isn’t life a dumbed down planet I mean people have to that way too. . so u obtain a pedestal for yourselves. . how dare you call the kettle black. . God of technology

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