Japanese Anti-Nuclear movement protest entire government


Japanese Anti-Nuclear movement refuses to give up despite continued limits placed on them by the Tokyo Metro Police. Thousands of people in attendance protesting in solidarity. Video was recorded on August 24, 2012 and published August 26th.

YouTube video

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  1. The Average American Citizen….

    Does not know what the Patriot Act is.
    Does not know what Aspartame is.
    Does not know who George Soros is.
    Does not know who Warren Buffet is.
    Does not know what “Operation Fast and Furious” is.
    Does not know what Monsanto is.
    Does not know what “GMO” stands for.
    Does not know what Bisphenol-A is. (BPA’s)
    Does not know what a FEMA camp, re-education camp or internment camp is.
    Does not know what the NDAA is.
    Does not know what Halliburton is.
    Does not know that there is a giant underground city underneath Denver International Airport.
    Does not know that our government does not print our own money.
    Does not know that the Federal Reserve is a private entity, and has no affiliation with any ‘Federal’ agency.
    Does not know that the poison, fluoride, is added to 90% of the country’s water supply.
    Does not know who the Rothschilds are.
    Does not know that the NAZI party was popular in America, pre-World War II.
    Does not know what eugenics is.
    Does not know that 4 out of the past 5 U.S. Presidents worked for the CIA prior to being elected.
    Does not know what chemtrails are.
    Does not know that pharmaceutical companies cannot be sued over vaccine-related anomalies or disabilities.
    Does not know that Osama Bin Laden was never officially charged with the 9-11 attacks by the FBI.
    Does not know who Barry Soetoro is.
    Does not know that at least 9 of the 19 ‘terrorists’ involved in 9-11 are STILL ALIVE TODAY.
    Does not know that you are 50 times more likely to die from being struck by lightning than from a terrorist attack.
    Does not know what “WTC-7” or “Building 7” is.
    Does not know what the Bilderberg Group is.
    Does not know what Bohemian Grove is.
    Does not know what habeas corpus is.
    Does not know what the Posse Comitatus Act is.


    1. Okay. Ones’ decision to educate ourselves should firstly be predicated upon the general idea that such endeavor will produce solutions, which merit whatever sacrifices must be made, to obtain any full measure in respect thereto.

      After reviewing your list and educating ourselves as requested, as we seek-out the truth in discovering who or what each represents, we put before the Candid World the same request, for the benefit of seeking those wishing to educate themselves. Solely, in hopes of the solutions created via exercising the Science of Right Reason for fostering Good Will in the Universal Peace with All Walks of Life.

      Now to the matter at hand:

      Many years ago, on a windswept concourse of Life, perfect for conditions (Life always finds a WAY!!!) to test the generally accepted socially engineered programming, that each receive from Womb to Tomb via Centers of Education and other framed Modals adept as Social Role Models in the support thereof…, we gave serious close introspection of ourselves, and used this introspection to discover our own closely held beliefs running counter to such socially engineered programming.

      These beliefs are more aptly virtues, as they are commonly practiced and historically known. The virtue we seemed to naturally gravitate towards, remains the virtue one would expect All Walks of Life would exercise with extreme prudence….Honor! A characteristic of the highest virtuous belief possible! That is, whilst being exercised at all times with fairness, fortitude, firmness, and consistency upon the bedrock of security and safety in the knowledge that you’ve maintained Good Will in the interest of Universal Peace with All Walks of Life…!

      We’ve discovered via the Science of Right Reason (as such may be described) certain very troubling facts most difficult to accept and utterly astounded that people could honorably call this getting along in any so-called just and free society or otherwise! What has been observed, is what is accepted by societies via social engineers as a Rule (via degreed/licensed professions), All Walks of Life should be controlled or steered so to speak, that tends to develop social norms within any society rightly justifying any prerogative, which is predicated upon misrepresentations foisted upon others when dealing with one another.

      We mean, these social engineers have actually designed every professional agencies imaginable, whether knowing or unknowingly, striving to keep one from treating with All Walks of Life in a manner more just, fair, firm, and consistent (usually unknowingly via agencies plying their doctrines to deceive, living of the gravy train of the misery they foist upon All Walks of Life equally), when we each know such behavior to reprehensible and justly devoid in the service of both seeking, maintaining, and becoming a bulwark upon the Watchtower of that duty we each owe one to one another…Universal Peace! And this, reasonably via the Science of Right Reason….to exhort each encounter with Good Will in the interest of Universal Peace via the Science of Right Reason with All Walks of Life!

      As stated earlier, we have chosen the Road of Honor, upon which many honorable ancestors have traversed and left steppingstones as sound sage advice, for future generations to have and to hold for the selfsame enlightened reasons…’to exhort each encounter with Good Will in the interest of Universal Peace via the Science of Right Reason with All Walks of Life!’

      We hope our course of actions taken to preserve the aforementioned ‘exhortations,’ for both present and future generations, by presenting both the empirical facts evincing why these ancestors of happy memory have existed! And, why individuals such as they and future generations thereof, arise from time to time, within the scope of exercising the Law’s of Nature and Nature’s Creative Science of Right Reason, which evinces Universal Principles as self-evident for the benefit of All Walks of Life, whenever any assume among the Powers of Creation to safeguard their E’States for the preservation of Good Will in the interest of Universal Peace with All Walks of Life.

      These exhortations are continually fostered to remind any prepared mind, to assume among the Powers of Creation, to acquire Standing amongst a Candid World in self-respect thereof, while leaving for generations to come, looking for those Seeds of Wisdom, predicated upon the Science of Right Reason, wherever or whenever any may show forth beliefs of self-governance in honor thereof!

      We have provided for future generations presently speaking, the empirical evidence and sound reasoning via the Science of Right Reason (via: http://www.seagov.net/), as our ‘Legacy of Peace’…! And thereby, what and why we have laid our just causes before a Candid World out of the self-same respect our ancestors of happy memory gave…as a prudent exercise of Good Will toward seeking Universal Peace with All Walks of Life….! This common courtesy in legal parlance is known as NOTICE…!!!

      Apparently, the empirical evidence proffered via the web link given, points to efforts by so-called ‘social engineers’ creating a State of Voluntary subjugation. There is even a possibility, of using certain engineering protocols to institute a social psychosis created, were the masses of billions of lives willingly accept oblivion of an entire generation, after generation, via entertainment (such as the movie ‘Hunger Games’), adhesion agreements/contracts (http://www.thegeorgiaguidestones.com/message.htm), and so forth.


      Is it as historically stated, concerning people, e.g., ‘accordingly, all Experience hath shown, that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustom’? To this, we can only provide such empirical evidence of subjugation and let each to their own ability determine the proper response to such perfect conditions, which for so many, are so perfectly programmed!

      But when a long Train of Abuses continues unabated, to further indoctrination and voluntary compliance [ via variation by agreement executed by your parents and theirs for more than history has tongue to tell or wishes to recall its tale of willful/voluntary compliance in both their own present and future generations forthcoming, into an oblivion of their own choice in timing [ age of consent and/or majority ] and ‘Choice of Law & Forum’ (enforcement institutions), which may not impair such contracts acted upon before ‘notice’ of options was/is given (http://supreme.vlex.com/vid/mullane-central-Hanover-bank-amp-trust-20012020), either presumably, from any and/or lack thereof, of, or pertaining to a parental due diligence to inform, and/or, socially proffered educationally cognizance respective thereto, or other modus operandi, via such agencies enter-dependent or independent of one another, created via authority usually stemming from their so-called organic foundational documents by consent of the governed. Meaning, those who actually signed any such agreements creating whatever social compact between themselves. And, this, for the strict benefit of themselves and their specific posterity.

      For example:

      [t]he Declaration of Independence of [t]he Thirteen United Colonies of North America (1776),
      [t]he Constitution of [t]he United States for [t]he United States of America (1787…)

      Furthermore, while honorably still presuming their is/are prepared minds reading this magnanimous diatribe, we will only ask with the greatest humility deserving, is their ‘anyone’ who can honestly and honorably disprove the premise of Truth in the facts as presented, provided via empirical evidence supporting otherwise, than the misrepresentations foisted upon billions via social engineering, as found discussed on pages 12-17 within the document entitled ‘Concordat Universal Declaration on the Four Freedoms’ proffered via web link: http://www.seagov.net/charter-and-declarations?

      In addition, even though at all times, we have only pleaded reasonable behavior within any discussion touching upon the sensitive nature of the subject matter at hand, in the hopes of airing hopefully enlightened or at least civilized exchanges of ideas, there are those who persist in their misuse in otherwise, such assumed prerogative gentility, to pander their form of social behavior as acceptable intelligentsia for the rest of us to follow, but in turn offer us no solutions to confront the true issues which face us on a daily basis.

      For those of us who wish to remain above those incessantly lost in their infantile behavior, we must ignore them like spoiled little brats who deserve only our contempt, until they in turn, in our most fervent hope, choose at some point in their pathetic lives as subjugate’s huddled in arrogant dismay, to act reasonably, to respect others, and whose only desire is to proffer respect in return, for respect given!!! The form of self-determination taken by one or another, or many more united, should reveal such assumptions of the Powers of Creation, and the reasons why or ought such course of action be taken! For defining each their separate and equal station, as they may deem to secure unto themselves and their posterity such safeguards as are necessary to preserve these self-evident principles in the maintenance of these safeguards.

      At often times, down through spoken or recorded history, there have been many approaches to organizing societies of Mankind predicated upon various principles. But the most truly honorable endearing institutions handed down to us by our ancestors of happy memory, have been those closely associated with legend or sparsely written evidence of ever existing, with what many believe are archaic or esoteric formalities for governing within the framework of global or universal application. And to this, the web link provided may just present itself as such, to fit the shoe so to speak. But, for those wishing for the zeal found only in protecting and serving honor, the web link provided can and does proffer such solutions for today’s calamities, when people choose to cease complaining and look at the evidence….!….and determine for themselves to prove otherwise, concerning what is proffered via the web link given, greater insistence shall be given by the young and old as well….!

      There’s is an ancient saying, e.g. ‘Complaints will never amount to anything of value, without first creating Solutions!’ So, if you desire a ‘Legacy of Peace’ then stop complaining! By starting too look for solutions and network with those of like-mind! Because were We go One, We go All…! Why?? Injustice to One, is injustice to All….!!!!

      And, just as a reminder for all those who honorably exchange ideas, while refraining from ignoble generalities, hateful, or insolent behavior…always remember, sometimes while exchanging ideas, the time and respect we give, from a deep seated desire to foster harmonious behavior to garner enlightenment, can be met on the road of hopeful enlightenment, by those seeking to discourage, rather than exhorting to greater possibilities.

      Our best to all who know that the True Path to Peace on Earth or throughout Creation, shall always and forever be predicated upon those exercising the Science of Right Reason & Honor predicated thereon, for the purpose of Good Will in the interest of seeking Universal Peace with All Walks of Life!!!

      Most graciously In Honor We Trust,


      NOTICE: U.P.C. Applicable.

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