Tons of dead sardines washed up at the fishing port of Ohara, Japan

Tons of dead sardines washed up at the fishing port of Ohara, Japan

Something terribly fishy is going on at the fishing port of Ohara (pronounced Oh-hara) in Isumi City of Chiba Prefecture, and it has nothing to do with espionage or political corruption. There are tons and tons of dead sardines washing up on the shore, and not only is the sight disturbing, but the huge amount of dead fish is literally smelling up the entire surrounding area.

According to the news, the dead fish started washing up around noon of June 3rd, and as of early afternoon on June 4th, the situation still remained pretty much out of control. The amount of dead sardines that has washed up is thought to total several dozen metrics tons, so you can imagine how bad the smell of rotting fish must be.

We've seen the pictures uploaded onto Twitter, and the port looks completely filled with fish - it almost looks like a carpet of sardines. It doesn't seem likely that any fishing boats will be setting sail from this port soon.

There are also, of course, the usual posts and comments on the internet on how this could be an omen, a sign of a coming great natural disaster.

When we inquired with a local inn, we were told that the port was scheduled to be closed from June 1st to 5th, but given the emergency, local fishermen are currently out in full force trying to resolve the situation. Already more than 2 full days into the bizarre occurrence, the smell has to be almost unbearable, but the people of Ohara still have no idea when they will be able to get rid of all the sardines. We sincerely hope they will be able to solve the problem quickly.


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Christine 9 years ago

If its radiation, why only Sardines? Why not all other marine life? There's something more to this.

Joerg Klaemt 9 years ago

I smell radiation Fukushima Radiation that is or has HAARP gone astray again? There is no mention that they tested the Fish for Radiation like the Blue Tuna. Why not? Strange?

CARLOS (BRASIL) 9 years ago

Amigo, este fato ocorreu em Fev/2012, é só pesquisar no GOOGLE. Seu site é muito bom, vejo ele todos os dias, mas esta informação está atrasada.

joerg (@CARLOS (BRASIL)) 9 years ago

obrigado pela informação quanto à Data ele ainda pode ser Fukushima ou HAARP. Arrependido não digo ou leio o português só um bocado de Spanis e alemão

Boodiba 9 years ago

Ahhh the poor, poor Pacific.

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