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Tropical Cyclone Irina updates and forecast track

Cyclone Irina remains a threat to the KwaZulu-Natal coast with a combination of very rough seas, marine storm surge, as well as gale-force and devastating floods. Many people have had their homes destroyed by the cyclone. About 300 houses had been flooded. South

March 05, 2012


TC Irina could bring flooding rain to Southeast Africa

Tropical Cyclone Irina could make landfall on the southeastern coast of Africa in matter of hours with damaging winds and  flooding rain. Eastern South Africa, southernmost Mozambique as well as the small nation of Swaziland are in the path of dangerous cyclone. The

March 04, 2012


TC Irina pounds Madagascar and heading toward Mozambique

Serious flooding and wind damage will remain threats to Madagascar as tropical cyclone Irina continues drifting southward over the Mozambique Channel. A forecast turn to the southwest could eventually lead to a direct strike upon the African coast in southern

March 02, 2012