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San Cristobal volcano erupts, heavy ash blankets the city of Chinandega, Nicaragua

Nicaraguan San Cristobal volcano erupted at 19:26 UTC on March 9, 2021, blanketing the city of Chinandega and surrounding communities in ash. Heavy ash emission lasted approximately 30 minutes, accompanied by deep rumbling. AFP reported cars had to switch on...

March 10, 2021

ash eruption san cristobal nicaragua august 18 2017

Ash emission from San Cristobal volcano affects 50 000 people, Nicaragua

Nicaraguan authorities reported a new ash emission started at San Cristobal volcano early Friday morning, August 18, 2017. The last eruption of this volcano took place on April 22, 2016. The volcano began degassing Friday morning, followed by an expulsion of ash...

August 18, 2017


Strong eruption at San Cristobal volcano, Nicaragua

A new eruption started at San Cristobal volcano, Nicaragua at 16:20 UTC on April 22, 2016. Over the next 2 hours, 10 explosions were observed. The last time this volcano erupted was on June 12, 2015. Yesterday's explosion expelled columns of ash, gas and rock...

April 23, 2016

San Cristobal

Increased activity at San Cristobal volcano, Nicaragua

Volcanic tremor has eased but remains elevated at San Cristobal volcano in Nicaragua. Over 15 explosions were recorded at the volcano on December 26, 2012. Ash columns reached up to 500 meters high, slightly affecting surrounding towns of Tonala, Morazán,...

December 29, 2012