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2019 df

Asteroid 2019 DF flew past Earth at 0.47 lunar distances

A newly discovered asteroid designated 2019 DF flew past Earth at a distance of 0.47 LD / 0.00120 AU (179 517 km / 111 546 miles) at 21:21 UTC on February 26, 2019. This is the second known asteroid to flyby Earth within 1 lunar distance this month and 7th since the...

February 28, 2019


Asteroid 2016 EF195 detected 4 days after very close flyby

Newly discovered asteroid 2016 EF195 made a very close approach to Earth on March 11 and flew by us at 0.08 lunar distances. The closest approach occurred at 04:35 UTC at about 31 565 km (0.000211 AU / 0.08 LD / 19 613 miles) from the surface of our planet. This...

March 18, 2016


Asteroid 2013 TX68 to pass close to Earth on March 8

Asteroid 2013 TX68, with an estimated size of 30 meters (100 feet), is expected to make a close flyby of Earth around 00:06 UTC on March 8, 2016. Discovered on October 6, 2013, by the Catalina Sky Survey, asteroid 2013 TX68's orbit is still quite uncertain, and...

March 02, 2016


Newly discovered asteroid 2016 DV1 to make a very close flyby of Earth on March 3, 2016

A newly discovered asteroid named 2016 DV1 is expected to make a very close flyby of Earth on March 3, 2016. 2016 DV1 is an Apollo class asteroid discovered on February 28, 2016. Its estimated size is between 28 and 62 meters (92 to 203 feet), which is about twice...

March 02, 2016


NASA's Planetary Defense Coordination Office to detect and monitor potentially hazardous NEOs

NASA's program for detecting and tracking near-Earth objects (NEOs) has now been formally established and named the Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO). Its responsibility will be supervising projects oriented towards finding and characterizing...

January 12, 2016


Small asteroid makes a close Earth flyby at 0.09 LD

A small asteroid discovered on November 14, 2015, made a close flyby to Earth only a couple of hours after it was observed. The asteroid named 2015 VY105 came as close to our planet as an average geostationary satellite. However, good news is that 2015 VY105 was so...

November 16, 2015


A group of mysterious asteroids that could explain the origin of NEOs discovered

Lying near the asteroid rich abyss between Mars and Jupiter high above our Solar System, a unique family of space rocks called Euphrosyne asteroids just got discovered by the scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).The Euphrosynes are distributed at the

August 05, 2015


Electrically active objects dominate the Solar System

Small planetoids, called Near Earth Objects (NEO), are a concern for space scientists because it is thought that large rocks might strike our planet with devastating force. It is a commonly held belief that such an object caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. The

January 18, 2015


Asteroid 2004 BL86 to safely flyby Earth on January 26

Asteroid 2004 BL86 will flyby our planet at a safe distance of approximately 1.2 million km (745 000 miles) at 16:20 UTC on January 26, 2015. This is about three times the distance of Earth to the Moon. Based on its reflected brightness, astronomers estimate that this a

January 16, 2015


A yearlong look at asteroids and comets by NEOWISE

NASA's Near-Earth Object Wide-field Survey Explorer or NEOWISE spacecraft, a space telescope that scans the skies for asteroids and comets, discovered and characterized 40 near-Earth objects (NEOs) in the first year after the mission was re-started in December

January 16, 2015

noe_jpl_bolide_events_1994_ _2013_f

Newly released map shows frequency of small asteroid impacts

A map released yesterday by NASA's Near Earth Object (NEO) Observation Program reveals that small asteroids frequently enter and disintegrate in the Earth's atmosphere with random distribution around the globe. Released to the scientific community, the map visua

November 15, 2014


Pan-STARRS-1 telescope discovers 10,000th near-Earth object

More than 10,000 asteroids and comets that can pass near Earth have now been discovered. The 10,000th near-Earth object, asteroid 2013 MZ5, was first detected on the night of June 18, 2013, by the Pan-STARRS-1 telescope, located on the 3,000-meter summit of the

July 25, 2013

asteroid 2012et virtual telescope

Asteroid 2013 ET to make close approach on March 9, 2013

A newly discovered Asteroid 2013 ET is making a close flyby, just days after another space rock made an even closer approach to our planet. The Catalina Sky Survey discovered Asteroid 2013 ET on March 3, 2013. and estimated its size at around 100 meters (64 meters...

March 09, 2013

neossat canada feb 25 2013

Hunting near Earth objects - Canada launches NEO hunter

Canada launched world's first space telescope specifically designed to spot potentially hazardous asteroid and satellites. NEOSSat space satellite - Near Earth Object Surveillance Satellite - was launched on Monday, February 25, 2013 atop an Indian rocket. It now

March 07, 2013


Record-setting flyby of Asteroid 2012 DA14 set for February 15, 2013

The Earth expects record-setting close flyby on February 15, 2013, when a chunk of space rock about 50 meters wide, designated as asteroid 2012 DA14 flies near our planet at a speed of about 7.8 km/s in a south-to-north direction with respect to the Earth. This...

February 11, 2013


NASA is sending the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft to sample near-Earth Asteroid 1999 RQ36

Near-Earth Objects, or NEOs, cross our planet's orbit on a regular basis, but only a handful are large enough to pose a threat. One of these objects is asteroid 1999 RQ36, a "leftover" from the formation of our solar system four-and-a-half billion...

February 07, 2013


PHA asteroids 2012 QG42 and 2012 QC8 to flyby Earth on September 14

On September 14, 2012 a pair of asteroids will make close flyby near the Earth and Moon. A 300-meter space rock 2012 QG42 comes from the inner asteroid belt and it will pass 2.8 million km (7.4 lunar distances) from Earth. 1.1 km in diameter 2012 QC8 is coming from...

September 12, 2012

asteroid hits earth 2

Near-Earth asteroid 2012 DA14 to make extremely close approach in February 2013

A small asteroid designated 2012 DA14 will make an extremely close approach on February 15, 2013. It will pass by Earth at a distance of about 27 000 km (17 000 miles/no closer than 0.000181 AU) from the center of the Earth; within about 3.5 Earth radii of the...

August 22, 2012

neowise 580x435

A new count of Potentially Hazardous Asteroids - 4,700 asteroids have the potential to make close Earth approaches

The new analysis suggests that about twice as many potentially hazardous asteroids (PHAs) as previously thought reside in low-inclination orbits, which are roughly aligned with the plane of Earth's orbit. The new results from data obtained from the asteroid-hunting

May 17, 2012

yu2005 55

NASA conference about asteroid 2005 YU55 close flyby + Live stream!

NASA scientists will have a unique observing opportunity with asteroid 2005 YU55, as the space rock "safely flies past Earth" at a distance slightly closer than the moon on Nov. 8, 2011.At the point of closest approach, the asteroid will be no closer than 201,700

November 02, 2011

800px Orionid12n

Halley's Comet to put on meteor show next week

If you step outside before dawn during the next week or so, you might try to catch a view of some "cosmic litter" that has been left behind in space by Halley's Comet: the Orionid meteor shower.The Orionids can best be described as a junior version of the famous

October 17, 2011

comet elenin mattiazzo fading imagery

Comet Elenin's debris to pass by Earth on Sunday

The moment long feared by conspiracy theorists is nearly upon us: The "doomsday comet" Elenin will make its closest approach to Earth Sunday (Oct. 16). Or what's left of it will, anyway. Comet Elenin started breaking up in August after being blasted by...

October 15, 2011


Some facts and figures about Comet Elenin

2010 X1 (Elenin) is apparently disintegrating. It faded dramatically after a solar flare on August 20. Images at the end of August revealed a spreading, more diffuse coma. It will likely continue to fade and become more diffuse in the opening days of the month. It

September 06, 2011


NASA tests communication scenarios for Near-Earth Asteroids

NASA’s Desert Research and Technology Studies (RATS) team has commenced testing communication scenarios for near-Earth asteroids. The RATS team also evaluates technology, human-robotic systems and extravehicular equipment in the high desert near Flagstaff,...

August 31, 2011

595px Lagrange_Horseshoe_Orbit

A long-lived horseshoe companion to the Earth

There are plenty of near-Earth asteroids out there, but this latest one studied by two researchers at Armagh Observatory in Northern Ireland is extremely rare in that it has a weird, horseshoe-shaped orbit. Not that Asteroid 2010 SO16 does an about-face and turns

April 07, 2011

30asteroid 320x240

Asteroid 2005 YU55 to approach Earth on November 8, 2011

Near-Earth asteroid 2005 YU55 will pass within 0.85 lunar distances from the Earth on November 8, 2011. The upcoming close approach by this relatively large 400 meter-sized, C-type asteroid presents an excellent opportunity for synergistic ground-based observations

March 13, 2011


Asteroid's Record-Breaking Brush with Earth Changed It Forever

A tiny asteroid that zipped by Earth this month made the closest-ever approach to our planet without hitting it, an encounter that changed its place in our solar system forever, NASA scientists say. The asteroid, called 2011 CQ1, came within 3,400 miles (5,471

February 26, 2011