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Tropical Storm Fabio forms in Eastern Pacific

Tropical Storm Fabio has formed in the east Pacific, near Clipperton Island and it is the sixth named storm of the 2012 Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season. Fabio could take a northward turn by next week. According to US National Hurricane center's latest public

July 13, 2012

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Three storms swirling across Pacific Ocean

Three storm systems are trailing one another across the Pacific Ocean basin. Tropical Storm Daniel is moving west toward Hawaii, followed by Hurricane Emilia. Just off the coast of Mexico, another possible tempest, known as System 98E, is brewing. National Hurricane

July 11, 2012


Hurricanes Daniel and Emilia continue to move away from land, Daniel aims Hawaii

Tropical storm Daniel strengthened and became the third hurricane over the weekend, and now Tropical Storm Emilia strengthened into the fourth hurricane of the season. Tropical storm Emilia formed on July 7 as tropical depression 5E and became a tropical storm on July

July 10, 2012