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New eruption observed at Chikurachki volcano, Kuril Islands, Russia

A new eruption has started at Chikurachki, the highest volcano on Paramushir Island in the northern Kuriles, on March 29, 2016. KVERT reported that an ash plume from Chikurachki was observed in satellite images rising to an altitude of 3 km (10 000 feet) a.s.l. and...

March 31, 2016


Strong explosive eruption of Chikurachki volcano, Kuril Islands, Russia

A strong explosive eruption occurred at the Chikurachki volcano located on the Paramushir Island, northern Kuriles, Russia around 22:00 UTC on February 15, 2015. The last eruption of this volcano occurred in 2008. Ash plume produced by the eruption reached an...

February 16, 2015