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Comet ISON developed double tail

Comet ISON is every day more and more closer to the Sun, and with every new day it reveals more new details. More astronomers report clearly visible double tail feature. Primary ion gas tail developed a dust tail companion so now Comet ISON is double tail

November 12, 2013


Approaching Comet C/2012 S1 "ISON"

November 28, 2013 T -0 D-day! Comet ISON vs The Sun Most of you have already seen latest ISON images from SOHO's LASCO and are sharing this unique experience with the rest of the world. If you are not in the train yet... we are all watching ISON via

September 17, 2013

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Comet ISON spews out dust and carbon dioxide-like gas

Spitzer Space Telescope observed Comet ISON for 24 hours period on June 13, 2013. Its processed imagery indicate that carbon dioxide and dust are spewing out of the comet at high rate. At the time, Comet ISON was about 312 million miles (502 million

July 25, 2013

_ISON 30Apr _

Will Comet ISON slam into Earth?

Fear not! Comet ISON will not slam into Earth. Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) will make its closest approach to Earth on December 26, 2013 at a safe distance of 63 million km from Earth. Watch the video bellow by VideosFromSpace explaining some comet basics and some

July 20, 2013


How will Comet ISON perform?

Experts all over the planet are eagerly tracking Comet ISON (C/2012 S1), the so called "Comet of the century". However since June 22, 2013 the comet is so near to the Sun, less than 18 degrees, making it not visible against the dark sky. The comet will

June 30, 2013


Comet ISON could become Comet of the Century

NASA's  Scientific Visualization Studio released another excellent video of  Comet ISON (C/2012 S1). It is expected to become one of the most dazzling skywatching event while making a passage around the Sun later this year. Based on

April 04, 2013


Newly-discovered Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) will pass extremely close to the Sun next year

Vitali Nevski (Belarus) and Artyom Novichonok (Russia) on CCD images obtained on September 21, 2012 discovered new sundiving comet with a 0.4-m f/3 Santel reflector of the International Scientific Optical Network (ISON) near Kislovodsk, Russia. The new

September 25, 2012