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Twin typhoons interaction - Bolaven caused the counter-clock wise rotation of Tembin

Two powerful "twin" typhoons are raging in west Pacific waters. Typhoon Bolaven, 15th typhoon of the season, is packing winds up to 260 kilometers per hour. It is expected to make landfall in North Korea on August 28. The twin typhoons are likely to rotate around

August 26, 2012


Pacific Tropical Weather Outlook - August 24

Two powerful typhoons are spinning in west Pacific waters. Tembin and huge Bolaven are approaching mainland. Tembin targets Taiwan and Bolawen is heading for Okinawa and Ryuku Island, Japan. There is possibility that this two typhoons interact.Typhoon

August 24, 2012


Tropical Storm Bolaven formed in western north Pacific

Tropical Depression 16W become Tropical Storm Bolaven and took more of a rounded shape on August 20. Bolaven continued to organize and intensify in the western north Pacific waters. Bolaven will continue to intensify as environmental conditions remain

August 20, 2012