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Russia warns of global collapse, massive shifts taking place in the world

Brad of Full Spectrum Survival talks about Russia’s warning of global collapse, oil to hit $200 per barrel, and nuclear war on the table.

Another great channel that proved especially precise over the past couple of weeks is Canadian Prepper. One of his recent videos is embedded below:

For those of you who already covered all the basics but have decided to stay in urban areas, here’s a great new video by Mark Moss explaining massive shifts taking place in the world and the bigger trends that are less obvious to see. Mark also gives a few examples of how you can position yourself to profit, or at least keep afloat, in the months and years ahead.

While we might not always agree with everything they say, it’s worth following such channels to keep yourself up to speed with current events and to keep your vigilance high.

Remember to stay calm, vigilant and ready for anything.

Featured image credit: The Watchers


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  1. This activity is the revelation. Soon you will see a comet in broad daylight after which the events will make the events of today look like a cake walk.

  2. It’s not a scheme, it’s nature. Check out Mavstar Observatory; he’s not bought, nor duped. He has evidence that shows the North pole migration is the cause for this major change and calls climate changes real and the climate change BUSINESS a scam.

    All the rash things going on are the rich elites positioning for survival, what some call the NWO. Call it whatever you want. Putin knows his country’s losing vast areas to the new magnetic northpole, so he’s pushing south of it, Ukraine just being the start of his campaign. Yes, he’s an ass, and while the rest of us wants to be brothers and sisters of heroic Ukrainians, we have to face it: Putin has knowledge the rest of us, except a few doomsday preppers and followers of rare sites, are kept in the oblivion for.

    So. Keep Putin and Jesus out of this, it’s going to happen anyways, it doesn’t help to pay for CO2 emissions. If you choose to have Putin or Jesus help you, that’s ok, but get to work.

    And bless you, UA. ♡

  3. @ Delta Force: Those institutions are players trying to bring in a NWO in a Unipolar Setting. There are those that oppose that system. Personally I am not a fan of what the UN, G20, WEF, World Bank IMF etc. have to offer. Those institutions represent Oligarchy and it is time for humanity to throw of the shackles of these parasites.

    Look into the money behind those organisations and who it represents. Humanity is going through a Spring Cleaning.

  4. It is all in the Scriptures. 1st you should prepare your SOUL from destruction. Start with study, then choose in WHOM you TRUST. For me and my family , we choose YAHUAH as our SAVIOR through His Son YAHUSHUAH (aka Jesus)…

  5. This article is a Putin psyops.
    We’re all supposed to get scared.
    Putin is a psychopath on steroids when it comes to Ukraine.
    The US has lots of russian moles or controlled assets supporting and cheering on Putin.
    I see virtually every politicians as mole agent for some entity.
    The Trump supporters are may as well wave the Soviet Union flag with sickle and hammer

  6. Andrew, you are right, life is operating on the cycle of lightness vs. the cycle of darkness and we have been living under the cycle of darkness for so long. Now, many events are showing that we are moving into the cycle of lightness, but we still need to defeat the forces of darkness and that requires global war and rivers of blood

  7. -So because decades of futile warnings have passed, we now have to discuss the end of fuel (with which we would build home reactors), reforestation of mountains, plains and deserts (what?), and global blackout prevention (what, what?)? I have a shelter!
    -But shelters are useless!
    -What, what, what?

  8. War is a brain stroke in the planetary neural net. Grow the neural net and let it solve your impossible problems, or cause strokes and make your problems worse. Grow the World Agora and fix your problems, or blow up cities more and more often and survive in the ruins.
    From internal exile, you and yours be well.

  9. The truth is that we are facing a geopolitical change. The old world is being broken more and more with each crisis that occurs. In the background the march towards the new global system is going on. The New International Economic Order – where actors such as the WEF, G20, OECD, IMF, World Bank and United Nations all play central roles.

  10. A Global war is needed to eradicate the global evil. There is simply no other way, although the price will be so huge. More than half of the world population will vanish and the environment will be destroyed, but eventually it will heal itself with time.

    1. Shame on you. War itself is evil. Sounds like you have no stake in the future. Anyone who so casually welcomes such outcomes forfeits their opinion. Fundamental change does not have to mean catastrophe or authoritarianism. We will all get through this together. We have the imagination and heaps of incentive. Beware of the doomsday cults.

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